Barbara Lamprecht Music Promotion

Grosser Griechenmarkt 125

Coming from a family of actors, I first made an apprenticeship as optician in Hamburg before studying theatre-science. During the 3 1/2 years in Hamburg (where I did my apprenticeship) I worked at night-time at the international reknown Jazzclub „Onkel Pö‘s Carnegie Hall“ where I learned a lot about Jazz - from Dixieland to Free - this club had no musical boundaries. And it surely influenced my life very much!

After my apprenticeship and my studies of theatre-science I owned a little art-cafe in Cologne. Since 1991 I am production manager of one of the most important show in Cologne, The Linus Talentprobe. This show exists since 1970! 

Two travels to Trinidad, where I met Brother Resistance in a small club, inspired me in 1997 to start my own agency. My first artists besides Brother Resistance were Fra Fra Sound and Ben‘s Belinga.