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Nikolaistr. 5,

Welcome at Avantart

My name is Connie Müller-Gödecke. Let me introduce my webproject here:

Avantart is online since autumn 1996. First there was Avantart.com in english and german language, later I opened avantart.de as german version as well. A small homepage at Compuserve, (still online here at Avantart for some historic reasions :-) , developed to an online-magazine, which grows and grows and the subject of that magazine changes and grows as well. 

Everything is connected, I learn about new or other music when I travel, I meet new art and all these topics can be found here at Avantart. You can find travelreports on my tours to Tuva, to Russia, to Armenia and I can admit honestly, all these travels changed my life intensively. 

Avantart is an one-man- or better a one-woman-project. I use the possibilities of the Internet to open a forum for music and art, a forum which depends not on money, which needs no permission from editors, and I write here also that I must not ask all the time for publishing... 

1996, few people used the WWW for publishing, nowadays there are millions of homepages and it is very easy to become an Internet-Professional in 10 minutes. But: the quality did not increase linearly or there is only few content. I hope that avantart still offers quality, opens doors, presents unheard music... 

In 1998, I opened a second domain beside avantart: www.terterian.org is a project in honor of Avet Terterian, the late armenian composer. His music changed my life and I want to do as much as possible to present his music to the world. That's the reason for this second webproject. 

I started to work on photo-poetry projects and had already some exhibitions: in Moscow and Pushkin. Photos, which I shot during my travels in Russia, are combined with text.

The texts should not illustrate the pictures, both should combine in a more dialectic way: maybe a surprising new impression is created... 

My first installation, which I presented in Pushkin in summer 2000, is published at www.zweiterblick.de.