Associazione culturale Time in Jazz


Paolo Fresu has been the artistic director of the Festival since its first edition in 1988. 36 years of consistency and perseverance. The Association is made up of almost all volunteers from the town (at the beginning) and has gradually expanded, gathering volunteers from all over Italy and also from Europe. It has also taken charge of the management of the Festival, until then the responsibility of the Berchidda Municipal Administration; it has therefore provided for the setting up of a stable administrative, as well as organisational, management. It avails itself of the collaboration of the best consultants around and maintains a stable and trusted network of contacts.

It has been financed by the municipal administration of Berchidda and administrations in northern Sardinia and by the Ministry of Culture, as well as by private financiers. In recent years, the association has achieved great results by realising ad hoc projects for children and bands; its latest goal is the creation of a music production centre, unique in Sardinia, with an international scope.

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