Via Saffi 10

ARTSCENA doesn’t choose, but heads ever on towards that which attracts, surrendering to waves of desire. On stage we’re not interested in the theatre  of reality, but in capturing the essence of the human experience, authentic emotions, the dialogue between unique artists, who think with their hearts and speak with their bodies.

With this imprint, ARTSCENA was born in 1994 to conceive, create, organize and manage cultural projects, shows, artistic urban actions, open-air and indoor events, between the wings of the theatre or on the streets of a festival. We provide the “diamonds” for any for show setting, and the jewels to adorn the stage for large projects without precedent.

A pioneer in the exploration of shows that blend music, wordplay, dance and movement, leaving naturalistic theatre to others, ARTSCENA promotes a form of theatre in which, like a dream, various stratum of experience are superimposed.  Gestures. Turns. Sounds. Lights. Colors. Feelings.