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Artplaces is the first worldwide data-base of independent art spaces. It is a platform of open publishing that highlights independent cultural production, critical analysis, it is a tool for sharing information and engaging with others, as well as a source of information for funding.

Artplaces represents an open window on an ever changing scenario of independent cultural projects providing reliable information and visibility regarding projects carried out by art places listed in the archive. Artplaces also aims to become a tool for discussion and opinion forming, open to institutions and to independent activists. Privileged areas of debate include public art, art education, cross cultural relations, community art and urban regeneration.

You are free to add your art place to the archive, explaining your activities in a specialised context. In this way your aims and policies will gain international visibility within the art community. Whoever is interested in participating in Artplaces will have a unique chance to share information while interacting with others, working in different parts of the world but with similar interests.

Specific goals are

• Facilitating new forms of dialogue and cooperation between different non-profit art places;

• Building networks, databases and exchanges, linking the spaces’ activities;

• Giving importance to cultural diversity and multicultural aspects;

• Supporting independent cultural production through promotion on the web;

• Offering a tool for funding and art-networking;

• Giving the opportunity to edit news, images and texts and to be informed about artplaces activities.

In brief, the aim of our work is to offer as wide as possible a perspective on the fluid and fascinating developments of artistic creativity in the field of independent production.


The Artplaces website – – is organized around the following activities:


The new home page is thought as a wall, built sinergically and in a creative way by Artplaces and web site’s members. Each art space of Artplaces’ data base will be able to upload news and images about ongoing projects and events. The heading News bring visibility to art places and inform people about what’s going on.

Web data-base

The web data-base contains an archive of independent art places worldwide, sorted by countries, cities and also in alphabetical order. The study examines the role of each individual non profit, independent art space and its multiple activities through singular exhaustive profiles that examine several kind of activities; information on financing is also available. The list of art places is constantly updated.


A Focus section hosts discussions on cultural policies and the relationships between art places, highlighting independent cultural production on a variety of topics. Periodically an idea or theme will be pursued relating to projects developed by ArtPlaces.


The website also proposes a data-base in progress on all those realities that address their activities to the web. The data-base is divided in two different categories:

networks, all subjects that operate to extend networks and making links between art places, artists and projects.

platforms, web-resources for professionals, organized around a specific theme.


Funding and sponsorship opportunities that are specifically suitable for encouraging the non-profit activities, are listed. Thanks to this new service, Artplaces aims also to be a real tool for supporting the non-profit cultural production, promoting the circulation of information around financing opportunities.