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MANIFESTO: Keep your word. Dig deep and get your hands dirty. Excellence is mandatory. Consistency is essential. Stay out of your comfort zone.  Build relationships, not contact lists. Stay inspired. Be a good listener. Be brave. Never compromise your values. Hands-on approach.

VALUES: Authenticity. Passion. Accuracy​.​Honesty.

WORKING STYLE:Integrity. Out-of-the box thinking. Forward-looking vision. Strict confidentiality.Reliable.
A great networker with the ability of turning every meeting into an opportunity for all of her clients. Mr.G really cares about her clients and always goes the extra mile!
 Mr.Giovanni Broccu  started his first promoting company, promoting and manifesting Punk and alternative concerts in Germany Italy Swiss Austria and developing marketing concepts for the industry (banks Iveco etc), which was instrumental in providing a solid financial foundation for the trials and experiments to come.
In the early 1980's, Giovanni Broccu meets  Reiner Hänsel and devoted his life to run the promoters part of the company while Henning Tögel moved on to Along and focused more on the international opportunities to expand the company into an European agency for, in the beginning, mainly  American artists. The cooperation with The Sardinian Council For Turismus & Cultural Department  proved to be extremely effective in opening the gate into the “Mediterranean Island” And countries".
1993 Giovanni ,Started with a new Company called Sardinia Entertainment Srl and  start with the first show in to the Island with Eric Burdon and Bryan Auger Band the agent and manager of "James Brown" gave Giovanni  the first opportunity to progress towards an international act in to the Island. Rod Mcsween (ITB), Dick Allen (William Morris) to name just a few US partners have been instrumental in giving  Giovanni the chance to further develop the concept of "OUTLAND" Festival” Sunset Picnic , and booking tough out Europe, the Near Nord, Africa and, eventually, near island Korsica, Malta. So it was a logical step to Forward the  promoting and focus on artist Tour Promotion and Managemen, marketing from 1993 onwards.
The principles established then have guided the people working with Mr.g ever since:
1) Innovation
2) Empowerment of the partners working with Mr.g Organisation
3) Academic strive towards improvements of the methods applied in the industry
4) Personal loyalty and integrity
5) Sound professional knowledge and experience in all aspects of the entertainment industry
The  corporate members constitute the nucleus of Sardinia Entertainment and Mr.G.Organisation  and have diversified into the following areas:
• Booking  agency
•Festival Organisation & Promoting
• artist marketing beyond the booking of tours
• management
• full services in all fields of the industry
• financial and taxation consultancy
• special projects
With an ever expanding international network of people from all sides of the industry co-operating and subscribing to the ideals and principles established by Mr.G.Organisation the opportunities remain unlimited.
If you think to meet someone all around the world…you have to know Mr.G. first!