#Womentothefore on International Women’s Day 2022



International Women’s Day is celebrated by European jazz publications showcasing 10 rising female jazz stars in Europe.

Once again, European jazz publications are coming together to spotlight some of the most exciting female musicians from across the continent. In a unique collaboration to mark International Women's Day, some of the leading jazz publications have come together to simultaneously produce a collective edition, in several languages and in several countries.

This year the 10 publications celebrate #IWD2022 by showcasing 10 young, talented women musicians across their combined respective audiences. The featured musicians are: Léa Ciechelski (saxophone and flute, France), Farida Amadou (electric bass, Belgium), Lara Rosseel (double bass, Belgium), Alma Naidu (voice, Germany), Rachael Cohen (saxophone, UK), Sedef Erçetin (cello, Turkey), Eva Klesse (drums, Germany), Emma Rawicz (saxophone, UK), Kathrine Windfeld (piano, Denmark) and Ayumi Tanaka (piano, Norway).

Under the aegis of Europe Jazz Media, the group of magazines affiliated with the Europe Jazz Network (EJN), the 10 publications are widening the scope of the promotion of the selected musicians. These print and online magazines are the Dutch-speaking Belgians of Jazz’Halo, the French-speaking Belgians of JazzMania, the British of LondonJazz News and the French Citizen Jazz. Reinforced in 2021 by the Norwegian magazine Jazznytt, the team welcomes in 2022 the German magazines JAZZTHETIK and Jazz-Fun, the British Jazzwise, the Danish Jazz Special and the Turkish Jazz Dergisi.

In addition to the hashtag #IWD2022, which brings together operations at the global level, the initiative will also use the one initiated by the Europe Jazz Network: #Womentothefore – which specifically concerns the promotion of female jazz musicians in Europe.

LINKS TO THE ARTICLES (when possible in the original languages):
- Léa Ciechelski - Citizen Jazz (France):
- Farida Amadou - Jazzmania (Belgium): https://jazzmania.be/farida-amadou-dubnobasswithmyheadwoman-5-10/
- Lara Rosseel - Jazz’Halo (Belgium): https://www.jazzhalo.be/interviews/lara-rosseel/ 
- Alma Naidu - Jazz-Fun (Germany):
- Rachel Cohen - London Jazz News (UK):
- Sedef Erçetin - Jazz Dergisi (Turkey):
- Eva Klesse - JAZZTHETIK (Germany):
- Emma Rawicz - Jazzwise (UK): https://www.jazzwise.com/features/article/emma-rawicz-compose-me-a-rainbow 
- Kathrine Windfeld - Jazz Special (Denmark): https://jazznytt.jazzinorge.no/content/uploads/sites/8/2022/03/Kathrine-Windfeld-Olga-Witte-article-translated-to-English-Cim-Meyer.pdf

- Ayumi Tanaka - Jazznytt (Norway): https://jazznytt.jazzinorge.no/content/uploads/sites/8/2022/03/Ayumi-Tanaka-Eng.pdf