Three new members join Europe Jazz Network!



We are very happy to announce three new members of EJN. We are now 154 member organisations in 35 countries! The new members are:

Porgy & Bess Jazz & Music Club - Wien, Austria
The non-profit organisation Porgy & Bess defines itself as a Jazz & Music Club with a pluralistic and multifaceted programme. It serves as a site for musical encounters, interaction and confrontation both for artists and audience. The main focus lies on the implementation of a structure that takes into consideration Austria’s (jazz) scene’s wide range of ways to articulate itself as well as new development perspectives, such as collaborations with international guest musicians.

Festival Jazzèbre - Perpignan, France
Jezzèbre is a French non profit association created in 1989 aiming at promoting jazz music and creation. From the beginning, both the festival and the concert season allowed us to promote nowadays through the territory we settled on. Also, the structure supports creation thanks to artistic residencies and sensitizes new publics through cultural action. Jazzèbre has no own place for the festival and the season, it takes place in various sites all over the country and organises different kind of events.

Taller de Músics / JAZZ I AM - Barcelona, Spain
The Taller de Músics is a national and international reference for popular music education where students are able to participate in a creative, dynamic and innovative environment that allows them to learn and develop a musical career oriented towards which ever musical style they choose and adapted to any level. JAZZ I AM is born in 2019 in Barcelona as annual international meeting, focused on boosting partnerships among music professionals by hosting conferences, workshops and the finest national jazz shows.

We warmly welcome the new members to the big EJN "family", and we look forward to meeting them soon hopefully already at the upcoming European Jazz Conference 2019 in Novara (12-15 September).