Three new members join EJN



We are very happy to announce three new members to EJN, representing prestigious festivals and clubs in Europe:

Punkt (Kristiansand, Norway)
Punkt is a music festival in the city of Kristiansand in the south of Norway. The festival concept is centered around the concept Live Remix. This concept is an extension of how the curators of the festival, Jan Bang and Erik Honoré, have worked with a range of Nordic and international musicians; with live sampling and live electronics, and as record producers and remixers. Many prominent musicians and guest curators have contributed to the Punkt project, including Brian Eno, David Sylvian and John Paul Jones. In addition to the mothership festival in Kristiansand, Punkt events have been arranged in London, Paris, Tallinn, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Mannheim and other European cities, and more offspring events are planned.
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Moods (Zurich, Switzerland)
Moods in the Schiffbau is the synonym for great live concerts and parties for countless visitors from Switzerland and abroad. Be it jazz, funk, soul, blues, electro or world – the audience knows that it will always get to see and hear top-class musicians, whether they are one of the big international names or an exciting local discovery. With the Schiffbau, the Moods Jazz Club is in an ideal location in the midst of Zurich’s pulsing 5th District. In addition there is a stylish bar where musicians and fans alike chat and debate well into the night. It is one of Europe’s prominent jazz clubs and enjoys a well deserved and global reputation amongst musicians and critics alike. Moods is the most significant stage for Swiss musicians – half of the concerts are projects by local music creators. Moods was founded 25 years ago in september 1992 by the Jazz Association Moods.
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Cully Jazz Festival (Cully, Switzerland)
Cully Jazz Festival is the main musical event of spring in French-speaking Switzerland. Over nine days, more than 140 concerts and twenty events dedicated to jazz and its associated genres will electrify the village of Cully. In 2018, 70’000 people explored the alleys, the wine-cellars and the lakeside of Cully during the Festival. The 37th edition will be held from 5 to 13 April 2019. Since more than 35 years, Cully Jazz Festival has remained faithful to the values ​​that underlie its success: the quality of its musical programming, the commitment of volunteers, and the loyalty of festival-goers thanks to a wonderful natural setting and a warm welcome. Curious and enthusiastic, festival-goers respond every year to the call of artists and organisers.
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We are now 143 members in 35 countries! A warm welcome to the new members and we look forward to meeting them soon and engaging them in our activities.