Nominations are open for the EJN Music & Community Award 2024



You now have the chance to nominate a project for the EJN Music & Community Award 2024!

The Europe Jazz Network (EJN) is committed to developing artists and audiences who engage with creative and improvised music, and encourages and supports its members to devise and produce the highest quality work for all members of the community. In 2018, EJN instigated a new Award for great achievements in the area of Music & Community. The Award is assigned to a particularly outstanding project in the field of social inclusion through creative music, in which people from marginalised communities/groups are able to participate in equal conditions and get involved in creative processes.

Winners can be both EJN and non-EJN members, and cannot receive the award for a second time.

For the first time, EJN is launching a public nomination process for the Award, through a public form at the link here below. You CAN nominate your own organisation/project, or another project in which you are not involved, and you don’t have to be a EJN member to fill this form. A jury of EJN members and established professionals in the field, nominated by the EJN Board of Directors, will select the winner from the nominations list. Please also forward the link to people that could be interested, the more the better. Thank you in advance!

LINK to the nomination form:
DEADLINE for nominations: Wednesday 15 May 2024.

Criteria for nominated projects
- To enrich people's lives via participation in music/creative activities;
- To engage with the local communities, overcoming barriers of all kinds (social, economic, creative, etc);
- To educate and entertain through musical/creative activities;
- To bring a professional standard to all music & community activities;
- To be happening now (there are no retrospective awards) and be reasonably well-established;
- To aim for longevity and sustainability with music & community engagement and activities.

Previous recipients of the EJN Award for Music & Community are: B:Music for 'Generation Ladywood' (UK, 2023); Katowice JazzArt Festival / Miasto Ogrodów (Poland, 2022); JazzDanmark for 'JazzCamp for Girls' (Denmark, 2020); Pasquale Innarella 'Rustica X Band' (Italy, 2019); Banlieues Bleues for their 'actions musicales' (France, 2018).

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