Nine new members join Europe Jazz Network!



We are extremely happy to announce that 9 new organisations have joined EJN. We are now 151 members in 35 countries, with a very impressive geographical scope. The new members are:

Alternatilla Jazz In Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Our jazz festival is now in its 4th edition, every year we have a formula of having a “guest country” which means that the international musicians and groups that we book are from that country, so we can showcase the up and coming jazz scene of that country; To those international names (from the guess country) we add artists from mainland Spain and of course local artists from Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. The program is completed with what we call the “mènage a jazz” shows where we get together on the stage artists from all the territories involved (international and local); also an important part of our program is the educational section, with shows for music schools and students together with workshops etc.

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Bezau Beatz - Bezau, Austria

BEZAU BEATZ is a music festival in the very western part of Austria (near the Constance lake) in an alpine surrounding. The programme is very eclectic: from improvised music, experimental to pop and singer/songwriter - we call it creative music. The main venue is in the garage of al old steam engine (the train is parked close to the stage and also used for a dj-ride out before concerts, on Friday nights). We programme also in different side venues such as an old sawmill, an alpine barn, a church and the Bezau Beatz cafe in the centre of the village. The valley of the Bregenzerwald is besides its nature a hotspot for great architecture, artisanship, gastronomy and restaurants, hiking and mountain biking as well as sustainable farming.

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Bozcaada Jazz Festival - Bozcaada, Turkey

Bozcaada Jazz Festival is an international jazz festival - 3 x days with over 20 x acts and 5.000 attendence.

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Club Inégales - London, United Kingdom

Club Inégales is a place of surprises, do not expect the conventional!  it’s not a jazz club, not a new music venue, not a comedy club, not a world music venue. But expect all of these to appear, as we search for the best of real new, spontaneous performance.

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Doek - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Doek is a collective of improvising musicians, founded in 2001. Doek is a non-profit and has received structural support from the Dutch government since its inception. The aim of the collective is to develop, promote and disseminate improvised music. At the moment the collective has a core of 7 members who work together with a coordinator to present concerts, initiate projects, give workshops and master classes and organise the yearly Doek Festival. The festival has been running since 2001 and is programmed by the Doek members. It focuses on improvisation and related art forms (dance, film, spoken word).

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ELBJAZZ - Hamburg, Germany

At the ELBJAZZ festival the Hamburg harbour will be the scene for a unique music event: Since 2010 thousands of guests have been thrilled by one of the largest European jazz festivals where the unmistakable maritime flair of the hanseatic city of Hamburg, Germany, meets spectacular venues.

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Empoli Jazz Festival - Empoli, Italy

Empoli Jazz has been working since 2009 and playing both in a summer and a winter festival, in particular in the province of Florence and Empolese-Valdelsa -Tuscany. EJ has had active numerous collaborations with other festivals and associations. EJ has organized International Jazz Day at Villa Medicea Cerreto Guidi (Unesco Site) for 7 years and “Jazz Al Forte” in Forte Belvedere – Florence (Unesco Site) for Estate Fiorentina. Empoli Jazz is a member of I-Jazz and Network Sonoro the jazz network of Tuscany. We have a jazz club in Empoli. EJ is also working with primary schools with our project: Le Fiabe del Jazz (Jazz Fairy Tales).

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Gwadloup Groove - Guadeloupe (France Overseas Department)

The Association Gwadloup Groove organizes since 2009 the festival "first encounter around the piano". Book priority piano and jazz, it has received more than 70 pianists such as Baptiste trotignon, Franck Amsallem, Alain Jean-Marie, Gregory Privat, Jesus Molina Acosta, Jean-Michel Pilc. The festival takes place during one week in Guadeloupe in all the rooms of the Department. On the sidelines of the event are organized meetings in school and one of our actions takes place in the heart of the city of Pointe à Pitre, city of art and history: the piano in the city. Like any festival worthy of the name several jam sessions are organized in a high place of the jazz music the new ti paris. The 11th edition will run from May 31 to June 7, 2019.

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Red Sea Jazz Festival - Eilat, Israel

The Red Sea Jazz Festival is a jazz festival held annually in the last week of August in Eilat, Israel. The Red Sea Jazz Festival was first held in 1987 owned by the municipality of Eilat. It is a three-day-long event featuring 9-10 concerts per evening, 6 workshops with guest artists and nightly jam sessions. All performances are held outdoors at the Eilat port. The workshops take place at a nearby hotel.

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We will be very happy to welcome the new members at our next European Jazz Conference, taking place next 12 to 15 September 2019 in Novara, Italy.