New collaboration with FEST European Storytelling Network



We are happy to announce a new collaboration between EJN and another Creative Europe-funded network: FEST, the Federation for European Storytelling.

The partnership aims to explore the creative points of contact and intersections between storytelling and jazz/improvised music, and to investigate how these two artistic fields, that share a common background in oral traditions and strong improvisational elements, can enrich each other and create new and interesting creative results.

The first step of this collaboration will happen this weekend in Kerkrade, Netherlands, on the occasion of the FEST annual Conference 2019. The Conference, entitled “Tricky Borders”, takes place in the EuRegio Maas-Rhine region, on the border between the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, right at the heart of Europe.

During the Conference one jazz musician Filippo Vignato, a trombone player from Italy, will run a workshop on “Jazz & Tales” together with a storytelling artist, Paola Balbi from Raccontamiunastoria company in Rome. The two artists will talk about their ongoing collaboration, born out of the EJN/FEST partnership, and there will be a kind of “jam session” with other storytellers, where Filippo will improvise and the tellers will see which story appears in their heads, and vice versa.

The collaboration will continue at the EJN annual European Jazz Conference, taking place in Novara, Italy, between 12 and 15 September 2019, where Paola Balbi and Filippo Vignato will present the new production in a special showcase for EJN members combining jazz and storytelling.

The Federation of European Storytelling (FEST) is an international network of organisations, networks and associations active in the field of oral storytelling. FEST has 75 members in 24 different countries, who represent national, regional or local organisations like professional storytelling associations, festival organisers, storytelling training centres, local authorities, academies, colleges, universities, cultural centres or libraries, all with a special interest in oral storytelling.

More info about FEST annual Conference 2019: 

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