Fringe Programme of the European Jazz Conference 2019 in Novara announced!



We are very happy to announce the Fringe Programme of concerts that will take place in the city centre of Novara, Italy, for all participants of the European Jazz Conference 2019, alongside the official Showcase Programme and Gala Concert previously announced. 

The Fringe programme is curated and developed by our host for this year, NovaraJazz, in collaboration with other important realities of the jazz sector in Italy. It includes some of the most interesting musicians and projects of jazz and improvised music now in Italy, and it completes the programme of acts previously announced bringing it to an overall number of 18 concerts of italian projects during the Conference days.

We remind you as well that registrations for the European Jazz Conference 2019 in Novara are open with a registration fee of 150€. The link to register through Eventbrite is:

In the next days we will publish the final list of speakers and topics of split groups sessions.



FRINGE PROGRAMME, 11 to 15 September 2019

Wednesday, September 11th

  • 21h30: Eloisa Manera solo “Duende”
  • 22h15: Mirko Signorile "Trio Trip"

Thursday, September 12th
  • 22h30: WE3 (Francesco Chiapperini, Luca Pissavini, Stefano Grasso)
  • 23h15: Raffaele Casarano & Mirko Signorile

Friday, September 13th
  • 23h00: Roberto Ottaviano “Eternal Love”

Saturday, September 14th
  • 09h30: Marco Colonna solo
  • 21h30: XY Quartet (Nicola Fazzini, Alessandro Fedrigo, Saverio Tasca, Luca Colussi)
  • 22h15: Andrea Grossi “Songs & Poems”
  • 23h00: Enzo Favata “Crossing Quartet”

Sunday, September 15th
  • 13h00: Federica Michisanti “Horn Trio”


Wednesday, September 11th - 21h30

Eloisa Manera (violin)

Duende is a Spanish term for a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity related to the flamenco's tradition. It means also the figure of a kind of elf or goblin creature in Spanish and Latin American folklore. It is the spirit of evocation and comes from inside as a physical-emotional response to art. Of Italian and Spanish heritage, Eloisa Manera is interested in the physical and emotional dimensions of sound, as well as in sound and listening as a main property of the world. With this project she tries to evoke a collective involvement through her playing. She uses her body, the violin and sometimes her 5 strings violin, her voice and electronic devices if needed. The solo she presents, is focused in an improvisational and emotional approach where Bach can dialogue with the blues and Bartok's traces can be transformed into a free ancient caves's chant.

In collaboration with AH-UM


Wednesday, September 11th - 22h15

Mirko Signorile (piano), Francesco Ponticelli (double bass), Enrico Morello (drums)

Far from being a tortuous or unnaturally layered work, Trio Trip is an emotional collage. In their joyful polychromy, these tracks paint an entire life with an expressionist style: exposing both certainties and fears, each composition is the picture of a moment, a feeling, a place. «I wrote these tunes relying on my gut feelings, with no overthinking – Signorile says – I trust my sensations: when I write, it’s like a bliss, a slow and endless fire.» While confirming the melodic and minimal taste that distinguished his previous works, the sparkle of the compositions gradually replenishes on either naif or harrowing lines.

In collaboration with Puglia Sounds Export 2019 programme


Thursday, September 12th - 22h30

Francesco Chiapperini (baritone sax, bass clarinet, synth), Luca Pissavini (violone), Stefano Grasso (drums)

WE3 trio, who is inspired by shamanic music, has a repertoire dedicated to Seventies. The inspiration comes from the free magmatic music that John Surman, Bar Philips and Stu Martin proposed through their historic band "The Trio". The sounds arising from the italian band are rough and powerful. The dialogues between the horns, violone, and drums are continuous, without any interruption, like a flow that has the strength to overwhelm, and at the same time to surround everything that revolves around the three musicians.


Thursday, September 12th - 23h15

Raffaele Casarano (saxophone), Mirko Signorile (piano)

Raffaele Casarano and Mirko Signorile are always curious to explore new languages and new ideas, making the possibility to do an unforgettable beautiful, light and sentimental duo musical journey. Their intense music is quiet, deep, lyric with warm and vibrant sound and the ability to renew itself every time. New compositions and improvised passages make the score of their last amazing work Medina. A dreaming atmosphere capable to re-create the intimate and typical domestic dimension of native Puglia and the general philosophical meaning of life in southern Italy.

In collaboration with Puglia Sounds Export 2019 programme


Friday, September 13th – 23h00

Roberto Ottaviano (soprano sax, alto sax), Marco Colonna (clarinets), Alexander Hawkins (piano), Giovanni Maier (bass), Zeno De Rossi (drums)

With his latest CD "Eternal Love",  Roberto Ottaviano puts the emphasis on music as a medicine of the soul and as a cement of collective identities. Eternal Love is a tribute to Africa, its culture, its music and its people, in an era of racial migration and intolerance that seems to take us back to the America of the 50s and 60s, by Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. With a selection of compositions by Don Cherry, Abdullah Ibrahim, Charlie Haden, John Coltrane, Dewey Redman, Elton Dean and original pieces, in an exciting journey that invites listeners to go beyond the notes, in search of an inner depth without which it is difficult to be able to propose oneself as models to the new generations, not only to artists.

In collaboration with Puglia Sounds Export 2019 programme


Saturday, September 14th – 09h30

Marco Colonna (clarinets)

My sound research takes place in solitude, thinking, creating and freeing oneself from the masks used to approach the others. It is also a process based on the removal of all technical and physical limits to one's own communication means, so as to find silence, a privileged condition to act in. My solo research is based on the idea of the clash between images I have experienced or simply seen versus my emotionality as a man, as well as between the technique and the scream versus their incapability to coexist or with their utmost ease to be one single entity.


Saturday, September 14th – 21h30

Nicola Fazzini (alto sax), Alessandro Fedrigo (bass guitar), Saverio Tasca (vibes), Luca Colussi (drums)

The XY project passes through different kinds of music and artistic languages updating them to Contemporary. The group explores new ways of composing with a quirk approach. For XY, to restructure the music form is an ethics to build up the beyond-jazz. The “X” by Nicola Fazzini and the “Y” by Alessandro Fedrigo represent two approaches, two ideas, two complementary artistic identities but also two instruments, like the alto sax and the acoustic bass guitar.

In collaboration with


Saturday, September 14th – 22h15

Gaia Mattiuzzi (vocals), Andrea Grossi (double bass), Manuel Caliumi (alto sax), Michele Bonifati (electric guitar)

Songs & Poems is a project about the sound of words. An exploration of the “voices” of some great Poets.
Songs & Poems is a project born from the need of Andrea Grossi to explore the possibilities of the sound of the word through some original compositions written from texts of great poets (including Rainer Maria Rilke, Emily Dickinson, EE Cummings, Salvatore Quasimodo and so on) and others originals. The research of the group is based on the relationship between the human voice and the instruments, especially the instrumental use of the voice and the translation of inflections and vocal possibilities on the instruments.

In collaboration with Parma Jazz Frontiere Festival


Saturday, September 14th – 23h00

Enzo Favata (soprano sax  bass clarinet, live electronics), Pasquale Mirra (vibraphone, midi marimba, samplers, live electronics), Rosa Brunello (electric bass, synths, live electronics), UT Gandhi (drums)

Coming into contact with this band really means losing yourself in a kaleidoscope of styles and sounds. A vortex between minimalism, space rock, contemporary jazz, electronic and world jazz is, combined by the original sound of soprano sax, the stylistic strength of one the most renowned vibraphonist in Europe and the rocker taste of bass and drums. The band achieved resounding success in its recent tour around Japan, which has been defined from the local press as “a visionary musical style where the wild mediterranean taste is blended with hypnotic cadences from Ethiopia and balinese atmospheres, creating a unique and powerful musical poem”.

In collaboration with Musica sulle Bocche


Sunday, September 15th – 13h00

Francesco Bigoni (tenor sax, clarinet), Francesco Lento (trumpet, flugelhorn), Federica Michisanti (double bass)

Federica Michisanti Horn Trio is the new project of the double bass player, who is also the composer of all of the music. This new line-up is parallel to another drum less trio, Trioness, which she leads since few years. With her, Francesco Bigoni on tenor saxophone and clarinet and Francesco Lento on trumpet and flugelhorn. Their first album “Silent Rides _ a suite for double bass and horns” was released in October 2018. The compositions are played in the form of "suite", no interruption in between tunes, connected by free improvisations or improvisations on the structure of the compositions themselves. Double bass is out of its regular role of rhythmic section. The three instruments play together in counterpoint, in a continuous exchange of roles.

In collaboration with Fondazione Musica per Roma & Parco della Musica Record