Fringe Programme of the European Jazz Conference 2018 announced



We are very happy to announce the Fringe programme of concerts that will take place in Lisbon alongside the European Jazz Conference (13-16 September 2018) and the official showcase programme previously announced. The programme has been curated by our host in Lisbon Sons da Lusofonia and includes some of the most interesting projects of jazz and improvised music now in Portugal and in Europe in iconic venues in Lisbon near the main Conference hotels. Some of the events require extra tickets to be bought (Centro Cultural de Belém, Hot Clube de Portugal, Teatro Capitólio) and all are open as well to the public, with the exception of the events at Livraria Ler Devagar at LX Factory (only for registered participants to the Conference).

We remind you as well that is still possible to register for the EJC in Lisbon at the registration fee of 150€ and at the special discounted price of 99€ for Portuguese participants. The link to register is:​

Fringe Programme - EJC2018



Address: Praça do Império, 1449-003 Lisboa

Tickets: 15€, available at the venue and on


Friday, 14.09 | 21h30

Espen Eriksen Trio with Andy Sheppard (NO/UK)

Andy Sheppard - Tenor saxophone

Espen Eriksen - piano and composition

Lars Tormod Jenset - double bass

Andreas Bye - drums


Masters of melody from Norway team up with British jazz star Andy Sheppard for a brand new collaboration. In May 2018 Espen Eriksen Trio and Andy Sheppard, who is living in Portugal since 2017, released their first record “Perfectly Unhappy” on the Norwegian label Rune Grammofon, featuring eight new songs by Eriksen specially written for the project.


Saturday, 15.09 | 21h30

Bugge Wesseltoft´s New Conception of Jazz (NO)

Bugge Wesseltoft - keyboard, sounds

Marthe Lea - Saxophone, electronics, vocals

Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir - guitar

Sanskriti Shrestha - tablas

Siv Øyunn Kjenstad - drums and vocals


Bugge Wesseltoft´s New Conception of Jazz became the definition and leading figure of Electronic Jazz back in 1996 when it created a new and fresh boost for European jazz music together with artists like Erik Truffaz and Nils Petter Molvaer. The original band took a break after 10 years of worldwide touring, 400 concerts and 5 Albums. Now it’s time for a fresh start with all new young musicians.



LIVRARIA LER DEVAGAR (LX FACTORY - near Vila Galé Ópera Hotel)

Address: Rua Rodrigues Faria 103 - G 0.3, 1300-501 Lisbon

Tickets: Free entrance for EJC participants


Friday, 14.09 | 23h30

Eduardo Cardinho Trio (PT)

Eduardo Cardinho - vibraphone

Francisco Brito - double bass

Diogo Alexandre - drums

Vibraphonist Eduardo Cardinho is the leader of this trio that has been distinguished in the Portuguese jazz scene, gathering a strong rhythmic section formed by the young and talented drummer Diogo Alexandre and the double bass expert Francisco Brito.


Friday, 14.09 | 00h30

LUME - Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble (PT)

Marco Barroso | Composition, Direction, Piano

Manuel Luís Cochofel | Flute

Paulo Gaspar | Soprano Clarinet

João Pedro Silva | Soprano Saxophone

Ricardo Toscano | Alto Saxophone

José Menezes | Tenor Saxophone

Elmano Coelho | Baritone Saxophone

Rui Chainho, Gonçalo Marques, Pedro Monteiro | Trumpets

Ruben Santos, Eduardo Lála, Pedro Canhoto | Trombones

Miguel Amado | Electric Bass

Vicky Marques | Drums


Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble (L.U.M.E.) is a fifteen piece group created and led by the composer Marco Barroso. With  some of the most experienced Portuguese musicians L.U.M.E.’s music combines written composition with improvisation, and reaches from funk to textural music, from boogie woogie to impressionist environments... with a Zappian twist!


Saturday, 15.09 | 23h30

Rodrigo Amado Trio (PT)

Rodrigo Amado - tenor saxophone

Hernâni Faustino - double bass

João Lencastre - drums


Portuguese saxophonist Rodrigo Amado (alto, C melody, baritone, and tenor) specialises in free-form and composition-in-the-moment jazz. His various projects and trios have given him an international following in which the artists shows diverse musical interests, he explored how improvisation is handled in other genres (


Saturday, 15.09 | 00h30

André Fernandes’ Centauri (PT)

André Fernandes - guitar

João Mortágua - alto, soprano saxophone

José Pedro Coelho - soprano, tenor saxophone

Francisco Brito - bass

João Pereira - drums


After the internationally acclaimed release Dream Keeper, Portuguese guitarist and composer André Fernandes returns with his new project Centauri, which features two of the most talented upcoming Portuguese saxophonists, José Pedro Coelho and João Mortágua, and with Francisco Brito and João Pereira one of the most exciting young rhythms sections in Portugal.





Address: Praça Alegria 48, 1250-004 Lisbon

Tickets: 10€, available at the venue on the day of the show (no reservations)


Thursday, 13.09 | 22h30 (First Set)/00h00 (Second Set)


Joana Machado "Lifestories" (PT)

Joana Machado – vocals

Bruno Santos - guitar

Oscar Marcelino da Graça - piano and keyboards

Romeu Tristão – double base, base

Joel Silva - drums


Friday, 14.09 | 22h30 (First Set)/00h00 (Second Set)

Pedro Segundo / Ross Stanley  (PT/UK)

Pedro Segundo - drums and percussion

Ross Stanley - Hammond keyboard.


Saturday, 15.09 | 22h30 (First Set)/00h00 (Second Set)

André Carvalho Group (PT)

Gonçalo Marques – trumpet

André Santos – guitar

André Carvalho – double bass

Luís Candeias - drums




Address: Parque Mayer, 1250-096 Lisbon

Tickets: 15€, available on


Wednesday, 12.09 | 21h30

Mário Costa - Oxy Patina (PT/FR)

Benoît Delbecq - piano, prepared piano, analog synthesizer and electronics

Bruno Chevillon - double bass

Mário Costa - drums


Mário Costa played the drum kit in Emile Parisian´s super-group with Joachim Kuhn and Michel Portal. «Now he belongs to the top modern drummers in jazz», Kuhn states about the wide projection resulting from the excellent work he’s developing with such great company. “Oxy Patina” is another step in that path, presenting himself also as a composer, and again with top French players, Marc Ducret and Benoît Delbecq. Both are meticulous researchers of the capacities of their respective instruments and both have strong personal languages – Mário Costa couldn’t be more ambitious in the choice of partners, but he brilliantly achieves all his intentions. The album „Oxo Patina“ was released in 2018 (Clean Feed).




Address: Jardim do Campo Grande, 1700-162 Lisbon

Tickets: Free Entrance (Open Air)


Sunday, 16.09. | 17:00h

Mazarin/ John Player Special (PT)