The second part of Evan Parker’s “green tour” is starting in April 2016 with three new concerts in amazing venues in the north of Europe. The tour, part of the “Take the Green Train” project run by Europe Jazz Network and Julie’s Bicycle, focuses on testing new models for making more sustainable music events.

British avant-garde saxophonist Evan Parker will present his unique and renowned solo performance on the 15th of April at the Gateshead International Jazz Festival at Sage Gateshead (UK), during a lunchtime concert on the 19th of April at Turner Sims Southampton (UK), and on the 20th of April at a concert at the Sendesaal venue in Bremen (Germany) right at the beginning of the jazzahead! 2016 expo fair.

The tour is part of “Take the Green Train”, a 3-year project funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and run by Europe Jazz Network and Julie’s Bicycle with the objective of addressing environmental sustainability in the music scene from the perspective of events organisers and artists.

Evan Parker said about his involvment with the project: "It has become increasingly difficult to travel by air taking two saxophones into the cabin. This reason alone made the idea of touring by train very attractive. The title Take the Green Train also emphasises the environmental benefits of train travel. I intend to use the train as often as is practicable in the coming seasons of travel around Europe."

The pilot tour by Evan Parker will take place with train transportation between the venues and a special work is carried out in each venue for testing more sustainable ways of organising concerts. A “green rider” has been specifically developed for the tour including for example some suggestions to address the issues of waste production and management, locally-sourced and fairtrade catering, energy consumption, public transportation to the venues and “greener” approaches to event’s marketing.

The lessons learned from this tour will be shared with the members of the Europe Jazz Network, that includes some of the main jazz Festivals and clubs in Europe, and with the wider music community with the view of inducing these behaviours on a larger scale. Julie’s Bicycle, partner of the Europe Jazz Network in this project, is providing guidelines to the events’ organisers based on their expertise of including environmental sustainability in the creative sector.

The first leg of the tour took place in February 2016 and saw Evan Parker performing in some stunning venues around Italy, including “Punta della Dogana” in Venice (the old custom office), the Pinacoteca comunale in Fermo, Teatro Sant’Andrea in Pisa and Dal Verme club in Rome. All the organisers experimented with some “greener” approaches to music events, ranging from a locally-sourced catering to a special bike transportation for reaching the venue.

In the framework of this project a “Green Manifesto for the jazz community” has also been adopted in October 2015 by Europe Jazz Network members with clear commitments for reducing the environmental footprint in their area of work, a task that has become very relevant following the agreement reached in Paris during COP21 Conference.

Photo credits: Matteo De Fina / Palazzo Grassi