European Jazz Conference 2021 - Roadmap to Tallinn



The 7th European Jazz Conference will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, between 16-19 September 2021.

We are working on the plan that the Conference this year will take place mainly in presence. We think that it will be a very special moment, where the EJN family can meet again after a very long time. We are having regular meetings with our hosts, Estonian Jazz Union and Jazzkaar Festival, and with this year’s Programme Committee, and we can’t wait to present the ideas we are developing and the showcase programme of Estonian acts.

The theme of the EJC 2021 is SHAPES OF JAZZ TO COME. You can find a presentation of the theme at this link. The Conference this year is co-organised by EJNEstonian Jazz UnionJazzkaar Festival and is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, that is supporting EJN through its network grants.

The pandemic situation is improving in many European countries, and the EU Digital Certificate Covid-19 (or European Green Pass), which will be launched during this summer, will allow us to travel safely and without quarantine between countries. We are also working to strictly follow the Estonian safety rules in all of the Conference venues, and we are hopeful that by September the regulations will be less strict and that the maximum capacity allowed in each venue will be expanded. We are building an event where everybody will feel safe and comfortable and that has the relaxed and familiar atmosphere of all EJN meetings.

For these reasons, we will first open the registrations ONLY FOR EJN MEMBERS, with the possibility to register a maximum of two people from the same EJN member organisation. During the course of the summer we will evaluate the situation and the (expected) easing of some restrictions, and we hope to be able to open registrations for some other professionals as well.

The formal EJN General Assembly (GA) of members 2021 will take place, as planned, on Thursday 16 September 2021. In case some members by that time will not be in a position to travel, or don't feel comfortable with it, we are planning so that the members can take part in it and vote online as well. We are also exploring if we can make some other parts of the European Jazz Conference, such as the plenary meetings and the showcase concerts, available to follow online.