Digital Safaris - Sustaining music for small jazz venues in Ukraine and beyond



EJN is participating in the next episode of the Digital Safaris organised by Live DMA and Pulse that will take place online on Thursday 29 February 2024 at 14:00 CET. This session will be the occasion to learn how small jazz venues in Ukraine sustain their activities, 2 years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The upcoming edition of Digital Safaris will center around the theme of sustainability for jazz clubs amid challenging times. While addressing the impact of the current ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the discussion will extend to cover post-COVID recovery challenges faced by the international music industry as well as other common socio-economic challenges. Key areas of exploration include event promotion, audience engagement, and logistical considerations, with a particular focus on the practices of 32 Jazz Club in Kyiv, the Ukrainian Institute, and KNUTPUNKT. Other topics will include a pithy perspective of the local Ukrainian jazz scene, authentic customs and a brief glimpse on one of the typical Ukrainian jazz concerts.
The session will delve into the importance of building networks for sustainability, offering insights into the practices of KNUTPUNKT and its role in supporting local venues to achieve sustainability. Additionally, there will be discussions on how Green Pilot Tours, initiated by the Europe Jazz Network (EJN), serve as a tool to inspire local jazz venues and artists to contribute to the industry and support its sustainable growth. This promises to be a comprehensive exploration of vital topics within the context of today's challenges and the ongoing commitment to the sustainability of the jazz community.
Dmytro Savkiv, manager of 32 jazz club in Kyiv
Mariana Bondarenko, head of music programs at Ukrainian Institute
Maria Rylander, head of KNUTPUNKT (network of jazz concert venues in Sweden)
Stefano Zucchiatti, content manager of Europe Jazz Network

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