Yolda/En Route/On the Road - Music and Migration 24th October 2014 @ Womex

Yolda/En Route/On the Road - Music and Migration
Conference session - 24th October 2014 at Networking Room1, Cidade da Cultura, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The first conference session was an introduction of the first step of the activity Yolda/En Route/On the Road - Music and Migration, a project supported by EJN which involves a collaboration between Belgian and Turkish musicians run by Handelsbeurs / Wim Wabbes. This presentation aimed at sharing the project blueprint  with other organizations, researchers and all professionals who were interested in sharing the challenges and benefits of international musical collaboration using this project as an example. The session opened with Ros Rigby’s general presentation of EJN, followed by Bogdan Benigar’s presentation of the EJN Creative Europe application. Then, Wim Wabbes, as the main coordinator of this activity, talked about Yolda: the first part of is the artistic project, followed by a work of research and workshop, intended to be an example and a platform to be used by other promoters to organize similar international collaborations and research works. At the end, Wouter Vandenabeele, one of the musicians directly involved in the project, spoke about his personal experience. Many people attended this session and participated with questions creating a very interesting and fruitful debate.
Download the full report here: link
Follow this project at http://projectyolda.be/