XYQuartet & John De Leo: StraborDante

On the occasion of the 7° centenary celebrations in 2021 for Dante Alighieri’s death, StraborDante is born: a musical journey in a jazz, rock and noise key in the vision of the Supreme Poet. A multimedia work that gives shape to the imagery of the Inferno, with the encounters, dialogues, suggestions, allegories and extraordinary inventions that populate the most evocative canticle of the Divine Comedy.

With original pieces and rearrangements of medieval compositions by XYQuartet; the unique voice of John De Leo, performer of the dramaturgy of Vincenzo De Vivo; the multivisions of the artist Francesco Lopergolo.

The project was carried out at the Salieri Theater in Legnago, as part of project A Casa Nostra – The rebirth of theaters for the citizens of Veneto and promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Cooperation – General Management for the Country System Promotion – within the project Vivere all’italiana in musica.

Alessandro Fedrigo – music compositions and arrangements, electric bass /XYQuartet
Nicola Fazzini – music compositions and arrangements, alto sax /XYQuartet
Luca Colussi – drums/XYQuartet
Saverio Tasca – vibraphone / XYQuartet
Vincenzo De Vivo – dramaturgy and lyrics
Francesco Lopergolo – multivisions
Franco Naddei – live electronics

Photo (c) Elisa Caldana