We're on the Island for Harvesting Connections: Bozcaada Jazz Festival on September 6-7-8

Discovering, connecting, reuniting... Bozcaada Jazz Festival invites us for the eighth time to forge new and strong connections with ourselves, each other and the world. Sponsored by Paribu with contributions from Kendine Has, Volkswagen, Jack Lives Here, CarrefourSA, Tchibo, Kale Group and Jotun, Bozcaada Jazz Festival, taking place on September 6-7-8, draws its inspiration once again from nature and its inspiring processes.

Though unseen, the connections we know and feel will reunite us on the streets of Bozcaada through Bozcaada Jazz Festival. Participants will immerse themselves in the rush of harvest while enjoying the jazz rhythms on September 6-7-8, 2024, preparing for an interdisciplinary journey with a rich program of events as in previous years. Early bird tickets for the festival, which are selling out rapidly, are already available for music lovers.

We seem to speak a bit 'mysteriously' in tune with nature... Yet, there are many exciting topics we're eager to share. Yes, we're holding back a bit, but finding it hard to keep it in: Alfa Mist, one of the innovative names in jazz music, will be at the eighth Bozcaada Jazz Festival with his powerful sounds.

From East London to Bozcaada: Alfa Mist on Stage
Hailing from East London, Alfa Mist has become one of the globally followed names in jazz music in recent years with his innovative music exploring original sounds. Alfa Mist's musical journey, which began with producing during school breaks, reached its latest destination with his fifth album, Variables, released last year.

With its relentless tempo, Variables is, in a sense, an album that takes Alfa Mist back to the years when he first encountered music.“It feels like I’m coming back to my early days of making grime beats and creating tracks that make me want to bop my head fast,” says Alfa, adding: “I’ve been focused on who I am in my music, but now I’m exploring where I am.”

On the stage of Bozcaada Jazz Festival, Alfa Mist invites us to join in his musical journey and bop our heads with him.

Stay tuned to Bozcaada Jazz Festival for island-specific jazz vibes!

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Don't forget to mark September 6-7-8 on your calendar! You can purchase early bird tickets for the Bozcaada Jazz Festival from biletix.com, the Biletix mobile app, and Biletix retail outlets.