Video Communication Tools Webinar

This Friday 17th April we're trying our first Zoom webinar for musicians, promoters and educators based in the north of England. Plenty of space, so you're welcome to join us. More attendees will help us test the webinar model and it might be something you can adapt for your own use.
Video Communication Tools Webinar 
with Enrico Bertelli, Conductive Music & Nigel Slee jazz North
10:00 am - 11:30 am UTC 
Friday 17 April

- how to get online
- low-down on video conference apps Zoom, Skype and Whereby
- how to use of your old audio equipment at home to make better quality audio and video
- online safeguarding & new models for student contracts
Plus 1-3 person 20 minute video chat consultations between 1pm - 4pm (bookable via a doodle poll which will be available on Thursday to registered attendees)