Trondheim Jazzfestival 2019

Trondheim – a jazz powerhouse.
Everything is in place for the biggest event of this spring: The 31st jazz festival in Trondheim.
We kick it off early on the 7th of May, and from then on the city will be alive with music for six long days, plus a lovely dessert with Ane Brun and TSO on Tuesday 14th of May.
We call it a dessert, because since last festival Trondheim is not only the jazz capital of Norway, but also the food capital. We are very proud of this fact, because there are many common denominators between these two features. Both food and music-wise, Trondheim can be said to locally produce work of the highest international standard.
One of this year's main events is the celebration of the renowned jazz conservatory's (NTNU Jazzlinja) 40th anniversary. The school has become a strong brand and is known to be one of the strongest success stories in the history of Norwegian universities. The chemistry between Jazzlinja and NTNU is a solid foundation for the festival, and the festival's collaboration with NTNU will be shaping the festival for years to come.
We put a lot of effort in producing concerts ourselves, and this year's festival includes as many as four commissions featuring a wide range of genres from slam poet Trond Wiger to pop artist extraordinaire Emilie Nicolas. We present the incredible Canadian saxophonist Christine Jensen with the local renowned big band Kjellerbandet. We invite Christine Jensen, Knut Riisnæs and Namsos great Jostein Gulbrandsen to jam with current Jazzlinja alumni, and there will be seminars with a handful of the festival artists. Imagine how inspiring this will be for the young and talented musicians.
Midtnorsk Jazz Center has initiated Trondheim JazzExpo 2019, where six local artists will be presented for thirty-something international delegates. We think this will be an important meeting for Trondheim's jazz scene and the selected artists.
The festival rooster is impressive. We have more than 30 concerts on the official program in addition to 6 JazzExpo concerts, entertainment for children and young adults, student concerts and seminars.
Trondheim is a happening place these days, and it is certainly a pleasure to represent Jazzfest on the world scene. Trondheim's jazz scene is making waves around the world, and I'd like to quote previous head of City of London Festivals Paul Gudgin: Trondheim – a jazz powerhouse.
Mark your calendars for Jazzfest 2019, bring your friends and family and come have a great time with us!
Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk
CEO of Jazzfest