Triumphant European Tour by Floors

Floors: Francesco Diodati (guitar, electronics); Francesco Ponticelli (double bass, electronics); Filippo Vignato (trombone, electronics)

From Katowice to Madrid, passing by London and Amsterdam, 8 dates in the most important European jazz clubs
There is a great satisfaction for the success of the European tour of Floors, organised by TAM/Eventi SCRL in collaboration with Auand Records and Esound and supported by MiBAC and S.I.A.E. within the programme “S’ILLUMINA”.

The artists said that, for them, realising this tour was a real chance to improve and promote themlseves: “first of all, we could export an artistic project – in this case, a music one – which is a direct expression of some of the Italian excellences in the jazz field. The opportunity to present this project in some of the most prestigious and renowned jazz clubs and venues generates an effective result: this is a fundamental occasion to extend the fan base of the musicians involved in the project, to increase the domestic and international credibility of the project and consequently the possibility to insert it in the related medium and long-term networks both in Italy and abroad. We had the chance to get in touch and to establish fruitful relationships with many professionals of this sector, among which journalists and stakeholders who will help us, in the future, with the international dissemination of the project. In addition, this kind of tour allowed and will allow us to improve the quality of our music, becoming at the same time an occasion for creating new music paths. This is encouraged also by the nature of jazz and improvised musics which are themselves changing and continually developing, where the evolution of the artistic content becomes content itself”.
The tour took place from 14th to 30th March and included eight dates in six European countries: Poland, UK, Spain, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands. The Floors performed in different locations: traditional concert halls, well renowned jazz clubs and international festivals, reaching an ovevrall audience of almost 500 people. During the last concert, which took place at the prestigious Bimhuis in Amsterdam, there was a big audience, well prepared and curious and the concert was recorded and streamed on the main digital platforms and social networks of the venue and followed by thousands of people. Soon after the tour, the band, composed of three of the most original and creative jazz musicians in Italy, met in a studio to record a new album.