Tour offers 2015


Dear promoters,

We are happy to present you the 2015 tourdates for Huun-Huur-Tu, Hazmat Modine and OqueStrada.


   Huun-Huur-Tu Tuva, Central-Asia

 Tour: 11th - 21st of March 2015




The traditional, ritual throat-singing from the Central Asian land of Tuva is profoundly mysterious. The singers from the steppe have developed an enthralling sound cosmos rich in shimmering overtones and otherworldly timbres. With the arrival of the Tuvan quartet HUUN-HUUR-TU the mystery comes out from the shadows. The ensemble has become an established name in international world music, thanks to their contemporary presentation of the ancient throat singing styles.

In 1993 the ensemble appeared in America for the first time and were an overnight sensation. HUUN-HUUR-TU quickly gained cult status, due in part to their collaborations with Franz Zappa, Johnny Guitar Watson, and Ry Cooder, who employed their talents for the soundtrack of the film “Geronimo”



Hazmat Modine New York City  

 Tour Europe: 28th of May - 20st of June 2015

Festivals Europe: 20st - 30st of August 2015



Hazmat Modine

HAZMAT MODINE first performed in Europe in 2007, taking the audience by storm with each show. Their unique mix of styles - from Jazz, Blues, Rock, American Roots and Worldmusic - is one of the bands hallmarks of this cosmopolitan band from New York City.

A solid battery of sounds; tuba, harmonica, trumpet, saxophone, duduk, steel guitar, banjo and voices- explores the textural and melodic outer limits of HAZMATs' meticulously-woven compositions, while guitars and drums lock down a groove, and provide sonic spicing. 

Since 2007 they played prestigious european festivals such as Womad Charlton Park UK, Jazz sous les pommiers France, Akbank Festival Istanbul, Folkholiday Czech Republic, Music Meeting Nijmegen, Cognac Blues Festival France and others.
HAZMAT MODINE released their first "Live-album" in 2014 and in spring 2015 the band will release their 4th album.
"They´re a calypso/alt-country/blues/gypsy band...which is obviously what the world needs most.." The Times/UK

 see VIDEO



OqueStrada Portugal


Clubtour Europe: 16th -26th of April 2015

Festivals Europe: Summer 2015





OqueStrada started an influential trend, with their first album "Tasca Beat". Songs like "Oxala te veja", "creo carino" and "se´sta rua fosse minha" attained cult status.  Discreetly, like a well-kept secret, they travelled the length and breadth of Portugal, ushering in a new approach to music, as well as a new musical voice of Portugal.

The groupe shared its Portuguese suburban sound with audiences all over Europe, both in concert and in broadcast such as those for the German Late-Night Show “Inas Nacht” and a portrait on ARTE TV  which followed. In Kazaan, Russia, OqueStrada enchanted 80.000 listeners with its crispy-fresh cosmopolitan sound. 

OqueStrada moved the audience at the 2012 Nobel Peace-Prize Ceremony in Oslo, which was transmitted live to over 160 countries.
OqueStrada release in October 2014 their second album "Atlantic Beat - Mad´in Portugal" and will present their new songs on tour in November ´14. 

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