Summer Academy for young jazz artists in Ghent



JazzLab is organising a Summer Academy for young jazz artists and looking for partners.
In August 2019 JazzLab will start a yearly Summer Academy Jazz in the magical historical location of De Bijloke, Gent, Belgium. Our partners will be the National Conservatory, concert hall De Bijloke and LOD Music Theatre, all based on the same site.
This jazz academy will give young professional jazz musicians the chance to work for up to two weeks on their dream project, including their own choice of international coaches, their ideal working environment, their choice of other jazz musicians or interdisciplinary artists etc.
We will be part of this larger initiative on the site:
We would love to link our academy to other similar initiatives in Europe, if possible to work closely together and assure the possibility of crossing borders for the participating artists - but a non-committal chat on the item is welcome as well. Everyone interested in this kind of initiative can contact us, it will be great to talk about your ideas, compare working methods and ultimately look for ways of working together…