#StandWithUkraine tours in Sweden



In March, Semente Cultural Productions Stockholm and Knutpunkt will welcome four bands with Ukrainian musicians to our stages. After the premier in Stockholm at the Stockholm Women's International Jazz Festival two of the bands continued to tour in Skåne, Småland and Västra Götaland.

In order to shed light on the invasion of Ukraine and give Ukrainian cultural heritage a platform, there will be five days of concerts, talks, exhibitions and meetings.

It all started when Semente Cultural Productions in Stockholm decided to dedicate their entire jazz festival in March to Ukrainian, female musicians. Three bands will enter the stage of Fasching and Fasching’s walls will also host a special exhibition of Jenny Svenberg Bunnel’ sketches from all the 4 past festival editions. To celebrate this 5th special edition, Semente commissioned Jenny to create an original painting that is pictured on the festival's poster. The original piece of art, entitled Peace (painting on wood, 125x125) will also be auctioned out and the money raised will go to support Jazz Club 32 in Kyiv, who has kept their doors open despite the war.

A further 8 concerts were booked in the network for two of the bands, Leléka and Ganna Ensemble, in the towns of Älmhult, Helsingborg, Lerum, Ljungskile, Mellerud, Lidköping and Gothenburg. In the same vein, the organizers also present side events such as talks, exhibitions and fundraising. At some of these events, Mariana Bondarenko, program manager for music at the Ukrainian Institute in Kyiv, will also participate.



Ganna Ensemble

Roksana Smirnova & Misha Kalinin 

Insomnia Taxxi (Iryna Novikova)

Stockholm Women's International Jazz Festival 8/3

Knutpunkt tour 9-12/3