The Rotterdam Nijmegen Köln Exchange

This autumn 'The Rotterdam Nijmegen Köln Exchange' will kick off – the exchange project between RAUW Festival Rotterdam, Festival Jazz International Nijmegen and NICA artist development / Stadtgarten Köln. The aim is to give selected young artists from Rotterdam, Nijmegen and Cologne the opportunity to exchange ideas about performing at the participating partner organisations and to get to know the respective music, music scene and professional network in the other cities during their short stay.

In this first edition of the exchange project, German trumpeter Heidi Bayer, NICA artist since 2020, will travel to the Netherlands. She will present her long-awaited debut album with her quartet Virtual Leak at RAUW Festival Rotterdam (28.10.2021) and Festival Jazz International Nijmegen (30.10.2021). Furthermore, she will meet up with the organisers and other professionals to establish contacts and gain insights about the local music scene.

The return visit by the two Dutch musicians Jimmi Jo Hueting and Jelle Roozenburg in Cologne will also take place in October and January next year when their bands perform at Stadtgarten: Jo Goes Hunting (19.10.2021) and Bonsai Panda (17.01.2022). In addition to the two concerts, there will be meetings with NICA artists and other German 'professionals', also with the aim to expand their network and to get a better understanding of the Cologne and German scene.

The project ‘The Rotterdam Nijmegen Köln Exchange’ is supported by Dutch Performing Arts and the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW.

Dates & Artists

/ NICA presents: Jo Goes Hunting
JAKI im Stadtgarten Köln

28.10.21 / Heidi Bayer - VIRTUAL LEAK
RAUW Festival, Rotterdam

30.10.21 / Heidi Bayer - VIRTUAL LEAK
Festival Jazz International Nijmegen

17.01.22 / NICA presents: Bonsai Panda
JAKI im Stadtgarten Köln