Roma Jazz Festival: Jazz Feeds the Planet!

39th ROMA JAZZ FESTIVAL: 14 - 29 November 2015
“Jazz Feeds the Planet”
Saturday 14th – Sala Sinopoli - 9:15 pm
Tickets: Gallery € 30 - Stalls € 35
Gregory Porter, vocals; Yosuke Satoh, alto sax;  Chip Crawford, piano;

Aaron James, double bass; Emanuel Harrold, drums.
New York-based Gregory Porter, the new international star of jazz singing, will open the 2015 edition of Roma Jazz Festival. Acclaimed over the last years by critics and audience for his baritone voice - an amazing blend of soul, gospel, blues and jazz, his performances evoke the charming atmosphere of music clubs in the Fifties. Born in 1971 in California, Porter was introduced to gospel singing by his mother, a pastor, who immediately noticed his talent and creativity. He then cut his teeth performing on stages across the country, played football at a semi-professional level and above all developed a visceral passion for Nat King Cole’s music. All of this brought Gregory Porter to international success: in 2013 famous recording label Blue Note published his album “Liquid Spirit” and in 2014 he won the Grammy for “Best vocal jazz album”. When he performs, he usually wears a funny hat with ear muffs that is now his distinguishing feature. He always gives the best of himself; accompanied by extraordinary musicians, he brings the audience into a world of melancholy and romanticism.
Tuesday 17th – Sala Petrassi - 9:15 pm
Ticket: general admission € 22
Alfredo Rodriguez piano; Reiner Ruano double bass; Michael Oliveira drums.
Alfredo Rodríguez is a young and talented Cuban pianist who studied at prestigious conservatory “Manuel Saumell” in Havana. In 2006 when he performed at Montreux Jazz Festival, famous musician and producer Quincy Jones was so impressed by Rodríguez’s talent that in 2010 he produced his debut album “Sounds of Space”, contributing to his success. A versatile virtuoso who perfectly combines jazz modern and old sounds, Rodríguez  always draws inspiration from his classical studies and Cuban roots. His music is strongly influenced by geniuses of the XX century as Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans and Thelonious Monk, and by Cuban Chucho Valdes’ rhythm and colours. In a few years he has collected a series of excellent partnerships (with composer Tan Dun and the above mentioned Quincy Jones, to name a few) and has played at major international festivals with jazz legends such as Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock and McCoy Tyner.

Wednesday 18th – Sala Petrassi - 9:15 pm
Ticket: general admission € 25
Dhafer Youssef - Oud, vocals; Kristjan Randalu - Piano; Phil Donkin - Double bass; Ferenc Nemeth- Drums.
Dhafer Youssef, is a Tunisian multi-instrumentalist and singer, on the scene since the early Nineties.  Multiculturalism and mysticism characterise the North-African atmosphere and dreamy Arab melodies of his music combining Sufi tradition with European jazz.
Youssef is a virtuoso of oud, the Arab lute, that is also the key instrument of his compositions. His albums are endowed with great conceptual strength and jazz influences and over the years have inspired a dialogue between Eastern and Western music tradition. He lived for several years in different European countries, played on the most prestigious stages and gained nominations to important music awards. So far he has published four extraordinary albums and performed with numerous musicians such as Italian Paolo Fresu and Markus Stockhausen.

Thursday 19th – Sala Petrassi - 9:15 pm
Ticket: general admission € 27
Avishai Cohen, bass and vocals; Nitai Hershkovits, piano; Daniel Dor, drums
Born in 1970, Avishai Cohen is an Israeli jazz singer, bass and double bass player. An eclectic and versatile composer, founder of the Avishai Cohen Trio, he worked from 1996 to 2003 with Chick Corea whom defined him a “genius musician”. Inspired by the evocative music of Jaco Pastorius, Cohen dropped piano lessons and at 16 started to study double bass and electric bass under the guide of Michael Klinghoffer. He has played with such musicians as Bobby McFerrin, Roy Hargrove, Herbie Hancock and Kurt Rosenwinkel. In March 2015 the Sunnyside/Razdaz Recordz label published his latest work “From Darkness”, an album loved by both critics and the audience, characterised by an intense and controversial beauty.
A prolific musician with 15 albums published in less than 20 years, Avishai Cohen is a great live performer always accompanied by excellent pianists and drummers.

Friday 20th –  Teatro Studio G. Borgna - 9:15 pm
Ticket: general admission € 22
Sarah McKenzie, piano and vocals; Hugh Stuckey, guitar; Alex Boneham, double bass
Marco Valeri, drums.
Piano player and singer Sarah McKenzie has been often described a treasure of the Australian national heritage even though she has been living in Boston for several years. Acclaimed worldwide for her special vocal timbre, she plays piano with a typically jazz groove. Winner of both national and international prizes, in 2012 the album “Close your Eyes” gained her the ARIA Award (Australian Grammies) as “Best jazz album”. In 2014 she graduated with highest grades from the renowned Berklee College of Music. Over a few years she has performed at numerous famous festivals as Monterey and Wangaratta Jazz Festival and has toured with jazz legends Michael Bublé, Chris Botti, John Patitucci and Enrico Rava.

Saturday 21st – Sala Petrassi - 9:15 pm
Ticket: general admission € 22
Chihiro Yamanake, piano;  double bass;  drums
Born in Tokyo and based in New York, the States love her and Japan considers her the best Japanese pianist: Chihiro Yamanaka is one the most elegant contemporary jazz piano player. After recording 13 albums with the Verve label, she has recently signed with Blue Note thanks to her impressive experience. She masters a sublime technique and plays with impeccable style and extraordinary sense of melody. Yamanaka is the pride of Japanese jazz, as she has often shared the stage with jazz stars as Curtis Fuller, Gary Burton, George Benson and Herbie Hancock. After residing for a long time in Brazil, her style has been influenced by bossa nova and Antonio Carlos Jobim’s music, which she especially loves.

Sunday 22nd –  Teatro Studio G. Borgna - 9:15 pm
Ticket: general admission € 22
Sun Hee You, piano.
Korean pianist Sun Hee You has been applauded by classical music critics and competitions judges for her passionate style and professional and artistic integrity. After debuting as soloist with Seoul Yangeum Orchestra with Beethoven Second Concert, she managed to transform her enfant prodige talent into the mature expressiveness and technique of an experienced artist ranging from baroque to contemporary music. Piano-Classics will soon publish her latest record dedicated to Nikolai Kapustin, a unique artist unfortunately unknown in Italy, who distinguished himself for combining classical music structures with jazz style and language.

Monday 23rd – Sala Petrassi - 9:15 pm
Ticket: general admission € 22
Vinicius Cantuària, guitar and vocals.
A talented guitar player, singer and percussionist, Cantuària has played with eminent artists as David Byrne, Arto Lindsay, Laurie Anderson and Bill Frisell. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, in the mid-Nineties he moved to New York where he still lives. Strongly inspired by bossa nova and Brazilian jazz, Cantuària often dedicates his concerts to Antonio Carlos Jobim, a master and model for all Brazilian musicians. Acclaimed in his country as the quintessence of musicians, Vinicius Cantuària is one of the best singers, guitarists and drummers on the Brazilian artistic scene who has also written successful songs for Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa and Gilberto Gil. Vinicius is a globetrotter always looking for new sounds, a musician of the global village open to genre combinations.

Tuesday 24th – Sala Petrassi – 9:15 pm
Ticket: € 25 general admission
Peppe Servillo, vocals; Javier Girotto, soprano and baritone sax; Natalio Mangalavite, piano, keyboards and vocals.
An evening of elegant Italian-Argentinean blends that highlight a fusion of poetry, tango, milonga and cumbia. Six years after their remarkable “Futbol” album, the trio is back in 2015 more inspired than ever with their new album “Parientes”, published by Egea. The result is a new texture of music and experience, daily life and far-fetched memories, all skilfully interwoven by the two Argentinean musicians and the Neapolitan singer Peppe Servillo, founder and frontman of the Italian band Avion Travel. Their new work – “Parientes” – can be regarded as a journey into memories and people from the past, but also into the collective imagination of a wandering people who has introduced a new culture, while closely guarding and preserving old and romantic traditions, including those of their cuisine.

Wednesday 25th – Sala Petrassi – 9:15 pm
Ticket: € 22 general admission
Vincent Peirani, accordion; Emile Parisien, soprano sax.
Owing much to French inspirations, the Peirani/Parisien duo shines with elegance. They present a refined, entertaining and yet breezy performance that mixes up modern and innovative sounds with the tradition of legendary French music by the likes of Richard Galliano and Sidney Bechet.
Settled in this musical backdrop, their new album “Belle époque” constitutes a revisited, freshened up, and at times sophisticated, version of the classic tradition of the accordion/soprano sax duo. The album, produced by the always reliable German label ACT, has been greeted by excellent international reviews. Vincent Peirani is regarded as the world’s most promising young accordionist, a true heir to Richard Galliano, while Emile Parisien’s musicianship both on the alto and the soprano sax is widely acclaimed, having teamed up with artists like Wynton Marsalis and Bobby Hutcherson. In 2012 and 2013 they both received the Django Reinhardt Award.

Thursday 26th – Sala Petrassi – 9:15 pm
Ticket: €25 general admission
Fabrizio Bosso; tromba; Luciano Biondini, fisarmonica; Paolo Silvestri String Ensemble.
Fabrizio Bosso and Luciano Biondini are artists who surely need no introduction: very individual techniques, total mastery of theirs instruments, established creativity and artistic maturity fuse into an unparalleled musical experience. Out of their collaboration germinated the album “Face to Face” in 2012, produced by Abeat, a work that catches the trumpeter from Turin and the accordionist from Spoleto at their best. Their performance promises engaging and extraordinary dialogues between the two instruments in a concatenation of essential – yet never trite – harmonies, melodies and duels. Some of the pieces will be upbeat and light-hearted, some others will indulge in sweetness and meditation, adeptly arranged to discover (almost) unchartered territories.

Sunday 29th – Sala Sinopoli – 9:15 pm
Ticket: 22 € general admission
Mauro Ottolini, trombone, sousaphone, vocals; Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke, vocals; Stephanie Ocean Ghizzoni, vocals, voodoo rituals; Vincenzo Vasi, vocals, theremin, toy instruments; Paolo Degiuli, cornet; Guido Bombardieri, clarinet, alto sax; Dan Kinzelman, tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet; Paolo Botti, viola, dobro; Enrico Terragnoli, banjo, guitar, podophone; Franz Bazzani, piano, Galvan liturgical pump organ; Danilo Gallo, double bass; Zeno De Rossi, drums.
Born in Verona, Mauro Ottolini is one of Italy’s most eclectic and experimental jazz musicians. He is trombone and tuba player, as well as arranger and has over the years established himself as a player and a composer not only for his projects but also for important jazz, rock, pop and avant-garde artists. He is a charismatic and unpredictable lead musician with a sense for fantasy and surprise. A contribution to his rise is the recognition he received by celebrated musicians Enrico Rava, Franco D’Andrea, Gianluca Petrella, Francesco Bearzotti, and by the extraordinary singer-songwriter Vinicio Capossela. Mauro Ottolino has been often voted best Italian trombonist and best Italian arranger by specialised magazines. In 2012 he was voted Best Italian Musician in the TOP JAZZ poll, while the band Sousaphonix is considered by critics one of the best musical act in Italy.
Always very fond of cuisine and an excellent cook, Ottolini will be joined on stage by the cook Giorgione, Giorgio Barchesi, one of the anchors of Gambero Rosso Channel. He could not be further from celebrity TV-chefs, gourmet cuisine and its bric-a-brac. His style is full and generous: it’s all “orto e cucina” (“garden and kitchen”), as the title of his TV programme suggests. Shouting “To the depraved and the corrupted I say: your days are over!”, he  is the storyteller of a genuine cuisine, just as savoury and traditional as Sousaphonix’ music.

Monday 30th – Sala Sinopoli – 9:15 pm
Ticket: € 22 general admission
Marcus Forsgren, electric guitar and fx; Andreas Mjøs, vibraphone, guitar, Korg MS10 and percussion; Martin Horntveth, drums; Lars Horntveth, guitars, clarinets, saxophones, keyboards and lap steel guitar;  Line Horntveth, tuba, flute, percussion, glockenspiel and vocals;  Even Ormestad, bass and keyboards; Erik Johannessen, trombone, percussion and vocals; Øystein Moen, synthesizers and piano.
Straight from Norway comes this experimental jazz super-group (8 members on stage) who have recorded seven albums from 1996 till today (with the last four albums produced by the legendary label Ninja, a haven for aficionados of electronic music and crossover).
The band delivers a mighty show in which they skilfully mix up elements from jazz, acid jazz, electronic and post-rock. An explosive blend that keeps everyone excited, from John Coltrane fans to those of Aphex Twin, from Frank Zappa’s to their compatriots Motorpsycho’s. In June 2015 they released their latest effort – “Starfire” – which was very well received both by critics and the public, as well as by a number of DJ’s and producers (Todd Terje and Claptone among others) who have teamed up to release some excellent remixes.


Villa Torlonia Theatre
Sunday 15th November
11:15 am

Domenico Sanna, Piano
Born in Gaeta, September 1984, he is considered one of Italy’s most elegant and interesting contemporary pianists. Sanna’s music is suffused with a retro ambience married to his modern sensibility, one evidently inspired by pianists like Ahmad Jamal, Lennie Tristano and George Shearing yet separated from them by his own talent, his personal experiences, sensitivity and attention to everything happening in the current jazz scene. He won the 2007 Jimmy Award and in 2008 he scooped both the Luca Flores and Tuscia in Jazz Awards. The following year Sanna received the Armonia Arts Foundation prize. After moving to Rome he recorded with saxophonist Rick Margitza, followed by recordings with Dave Liebman, Stephen Baptist and Gege Munari two years later. Recently he has collaborated with some of the best musicians on the New York scene like Jeff Ballard, Joe Lovano, Larry Grenadier, Steve Grossman, Francisco Mela, Eddie Gomez, JD Allen, Scott Hamilton and Greg Hutchinson.

Villa Torlonia Theatre
Sunday 22nd November
11:15 am

Enrico Zanisi, Piano
Born in 1990 of Calabrian origin but Roman by adoption, Zanisi graduated with honors from the L'Aquila Music Conservatory. He crossed paths with jazz music at the age of fifteen and his first public performance, an immediate portent of a great future, came shortly after. Enrico was initially spotted by a journalist at one of his seemingly endless series of concerts and gigs in small Roman clubs. Convinced of Zanisi’s talent he decided to introduce him to a record label. Within a year Enrico began working with Cam Jazz, one of Europe’s most important labels, eventually recording two albums for them as part of a trio with drummer Alessandro Paternesi and bassist Joe Rehmer ("Life Variations" in 2012 and "Keywords" in 2014). Duetting with Matt Cigalini he brought out the album "Right Now" in 2015. In 2012 a panel of journalists from the prestigious Musica Jazz magazine acclaimed him as Best New Talent at Top Jazz 2012, while in 2014 he was lauded by the Italian Authors & Publishers Society (SIAE) for his outstanding creativity.
Villa Torlonia Theatre
Sunday 29th November
11:15 am 

Fabio Giachino, Piano
Fabio Giachino was born in 1986 at Alba close to the city of Turin where he finally settled and began studying music at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory. Here he combined classic studies a Diploma in Organ and a Bachelor's Degree in 2006 and 2009 respectively with a two year specialisation in jazz. Highly talented, he immediately received great critical recognition and a clutch of Italian awards at both national and international level. In 2011 alone he won the Massimo Urbani International Award, the Chicco Bettinardi National Award as well as being voted JazzUp Channel’s Revelation of the Year.  In 2012  he was judged Best New Talent at Fara Music Live. In both those years he was included in JazzIt magazine’s list of 10 Top Italian Pianists. JazzIt also includes Giachino’s 2012 debut album "Introducing Myself”, recorded as a trio with special guest saxophonist Rosario Giluiani, amongst it’s 100 Greatest Jazz Albums of that year.

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