The Rhythm of Jazz will Rise for Gender Equality: Jazz Camp for Girls in Türkiye

KEŞİF, the creative initiative launched by Bozcaada Jazz Festival, will draw attention to gender inequality in the music world with its second edition of "Jazz Camp for Girls", hosted by Borusan Müzik Evi, which contributes to the city's art life by focusing on different genres of music and interdisciplinary performances. The camp is organized between June 25-28 with the aim of encouraging and supporting young girls in the field of music.

This project, implemented by KEŞİF with the support of Nordiskkulturfond and in collaboration with Jazz Danmark, allows young girls to express themselves boldly and playfully through jazz music. The workshops for participants aged 10-15 will be led by experienced musicians Kamucan Yalçın and Erdem Göymen. Instrumental support for this creative journey is provided by Zuhal Müzik. 

The project was launched by Jazz Danmark and Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2014 and has since gained popularity in the UK and Northern Europe. This event in Turkey aims to help young women become more represented in the music industry and help achieve gender balance. During the camp, participants will have the opportunity to experience the improvisational and creative world of jazz. 

With Jazz for Girls Camp, music will be a powerful tool of expression in the lives of young girls.