Queenta Woman Jazz Festival #1 wrap-up

Happy and excited to share the concluding video for Queenta Woman Jazz Festival #1, 3 days, 15 concerts, 3 podcasts, dozens of musicians and lots of excitement...

We can already update that #2 will take place on May 10-13, 2023 will last for 4 days on a magical weekend at the Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem.
The idea to establish the festival was born in the previous EGC that was in Tallinn Estonia while talking about gender balance. The festival was special, extraordinary, the beginning of a fascinating path, promoting patience and tolerance and creating two amazing byproducts:

The first, a new community, a community of female  jazz artists who felt that they had a new home that they could talk about and feel welcome and safe.

The second – a supergroup of 5 female musicians, each with its own ensemble, we are currently rehearsing for the recording of a special album that will be ready at the end of August.

Chen Levy, the artistic director of the festival and of the Super Group, will join us in the upcoming European Jazz Conference and we will be very happy to meet with each and every one of you who would like to promote collaborations with us regarding both the festival and the ensemble.