PUNKT 2024 - 20th Edition

Celebrating Two Decades of Innovation and Collaboration

Punkt is thrilled to announce its 20th edition, taking place from September 5th to 7th. This year, the Punkt Festival not only commemorates two decades of groundbreaking performances and the unique Live Remix concept, but also ushers in a new era of musical exploration and creativity.

Founded in 2005 by musicians and producers Jan Bang and Erik Honoré, Punkt has consistently pushed the boundaries of music, art, and technology. The festival's signature Live Remix concept invites artists to immediately reinterpret live performances, offering audiences an unprecedented layer of creativity and spontaneity. This innovative approach has not only defined Punkt's identity, but has also fostered a culture of experimentation and collaboration among an organically growing network of artists. Over the past two decades, this relatively small festival has hosted a remarkable array of musical talent, including luminaries like Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson, and David Sylvian.

Highlighting this special edition, Nils Petter Molvær, a pioneer in the fusion of jazz and electronic music, is honored as the Artist in Residence. Molvær's participation promises an unforgettable performance of his seminal album "Khmer", alongside an anticipated duo concert with the visionary Alva Noto, marking their first collaboration in this format, and a Live Remix with Iranian born, Amsterdam based violinist and kamancheh player Soheil Shayesteh. 

The festival's commitment to the nurturing of new talent is evidenced by the premiere of works by Michaela Antalová and the duo Propan (Natali Abrahamsen Garner / Ina Sagstuen). Additionally, album releases by Bjørn Charles Dreyer and Erik Honoré will be featured, alongside the celebration of Arve Henriksen's groundbreaking album "Chiaroscuro" where the acclaimed trumpeter is joined by Jan Bang and Audun Kleive, and performances by the Eyolf Dale Trio and Julien Desprez’s Abacaxi, each adding their unique voice to the festival's diverse and rich tapestry.

The Live Remixes will once again transform the Main Stage concerts immediately after they are over. This year the live remixers include Arve Henriksen, David Kollar, Kim Reenskaug, Erik Honoré, Molvær/Shayesteh, and more to be announced later.

Integral to the festival's ethos, the Punkt Seminar, curated and hosted by David Toop, promises to foster an engaging discourse on the intersections of music, technology, and art. The Seminar is a part of Punkt’s collaboration with CreaTeME, the University of Agder’s Centre for Excellence in Creative Use of Technologies in Music Education. Besides the Thursday and Friday daytime seminars, Thursday evening is also a result of this collaboration, featuring concerts by the remote-performance project Love Your Latency, composer/modular synthesist Egil Kalman, and the aforementioned duo premiere by Nils Petter Molvær / Alva Noto.

Join us in Kristiansand for a festival that transcends the traditional boundaries of music and art!

PUNKT 2024
20th Edition


Aladdin Rød

11:00 – 14:00 Punkt Seminar in collaboration with CreaTeME 
Curated and hosted by David Toop

Aladdin Blå
Punkt Concerts in collaboration with CreaTeME
18:30 Doors
19:00 Love Your Latency
20:00 Egil Kalman
21:00 Nils Petter Molvær / Alva Noto


Aladdin Rød

11:00 – 14:00 Punkt Seminar in collaboration with CreaTeME 
Curated and hosted by David Toop

17:30 Doors
18:00 Michaela Antalová «Sun’s Daughter» Premiere
19:00 Bjørn Charles Dreyer «Fourth Wave and the Moon» Album Release
19:40 Live Remix / «Triage» Album Release: Erik Honoré w/guests
20:30 Abacaxi (Julien Desprez / Jean-François Riffaud / Francesco Pastacaldi)
21:15 Live Remix: Nils Petter Molvær / Soheil Shayesteh
22:00 Arve Henriksen «Chiaroscuro» 20th Anniversary Concert
22:45 Live Remix: Ania Psenitsnikova / David Toop


17:30 Doors
18:00 Propan (Natali Abrahamsen Garner / Ina Sagstuen) «Big Fish» Commissioned Work
19:30 Eyolf Dale Trio
20:15 Live Remix: Arve Henriksen w/guests
21:00 Nils Petter Molvær «Khmer»
22:30 Afterparty

For tickets and additional information about Punkt 2024, please visit Punkt's official website www.punktfestival.no