7-9 November

Sparkling, versatile, innovative - these have been the trademarks of the Polish jazz scene for decades. Polish jazz musicians and groups have attained outstanding fame worldwide and are among the most sought-after artists.
Continuing the fruitful co-operation with the Polish Institute, BMC tries to regularly present an up-to-date view of the Polish jazz secene, which has always had a long-running mutual connection to Hungarian jazz.  


2013.11.07. Thursday
Artur Dutkiewicz Trio

A delicate combination of a classic jazz trio with the sound of modern jazz. Their concert program includes the leader's own compositions as well as pieces from their successful Hendrix Piano album, the first time ever, that a piano trio plays improvisations on such well-known pieces of the Hendrix-repertoire as Hey Joe, Crosstown Traffic, AngelManic Depression or the emblematic Little Wing

BMC Opus Jazz Club

Maciej Fortuna Trio

Their fresh and surprising music passses the borders of mainstream jazz in an exceptional way, combining new unprecedented sonic effects of their instruments with outstanding virtuosity and new arrangements, radiating inner warmth and incredible load of musical energy. 

BMC Opus Jazz Club

2013.11.08. Friday

A unique musical performance based on the dialogue between two musicians, joining jazz sound with sophisticated classics and peculiar madness of the brave form. The work surprises and moves, touches and inspires. It reaches the deepest recesses of the soul, fascinates and encourages to travel together into their world.

Opus Jazz Club

Piotr Lemanczyk Trio

Piotr Lemańczyk, bass player in Maciej Fortuna Trio on the previous night, introducing himself in the role of the leader.

Opus Jazz Club

2013.11.09. Saturday
Anna Maria Jopek Quartet


“Anna is original, unique, different. She's brave, she's modest, she's open. She's a great musician. What she's been doing all her life is just trying to play the best notes.” (Pat Metheny)

BMC Concert Hall

Piotr Wojtasik Quartet

An excellent example of the Polish-Hungarian jazz friendship spanning over generations - from trumpeter Piotr Wojtasik, intensively present on the Polish jazz scene since the Eighties up to quartet coming to young Dávid Hodek, whose ripe “black” playing makes him already exceed the category of the prodigy he was acclaimed immediately after his show-up.

Opus Jazz Club

Csalog Sundays
A concert series with Gabor Csalog, pianist 

Csalog Sunday No.1
Kurtág / Liszt / Szőlőssy / Mozart 

“The Szőllősy piece, almost insurmountably difficult approached from side of piano technique, is maybe the most important Hungarian work written in the Eighties. The program of the concert is built around this monumental piece: a selection from the the latest works of Liszt and the most recent ones of Kurtág, and the two minor key sonatas of Mozart for closing” (Gábor Csalog) 

2013.11.10. Sunday 18.00
BMC Concert Hall
(Further concerts of the series on 12 January, 2 March and 13 April, 2014.)

Grencsó Collective feat. Rudi Mahall (D)


Dominant musician of Hungarian avant-garde jazz, with his two-generations-quartet completed by Rudi Mahall, often mentioned as “the best bass-clarinettist of the world”.

2013.11.15. 21:00
Opus Jazz Club

Keller Quartet Concert Series 


Concert No.2. Shostakovich-Schnittke

The second concert of the Keller Quartet's series is dedicated to two composers, who were citizens of the Soviet Union under the totalitarian regimes of Stalin and Brezhnev and their choice for surviving was to balance between contradictory co-operation and isolation.

2013.11.19. Tuesday 19.30.
BMC Concert Hall
(Next concert date: 28 February)

 David Helbock Trio (A)

“It’s funky, intricate and winning.” (David Washington, indaily.com
“The words creative, open, hip and unique come to mind when I think of David Helbock.” (Peter Madsen pianist)

2013.11.20. Wednesday 21.00
Opus Jazz Club


Vásáry - Beyond the Piano
Works by Beethoven, Liszt, Debussy and Kodály


Kossuth Prize winner pianist and conductor, Tamás Vásry celebrated his 80th birthday on 11 August, 2013. The following station in a series of festive events linked to this jubilee is a concert and book première at BMC Music Hall where Vásáry will perform works of Beethoven, Liszt, Debussy and Kodály.

2013.11.24. Sunday 19.30
BMC Concert Hall 



 Gábor Gadó Trio feat. Christophe Monniot

Worldwide renowned guitarist Gábor Gadó and his Hungarian rhythm-section of Elemér Balázs and József Barcza-Horváth plus the outstanding, eccentric French saxophonist, Christophe Monniot - we can be sure that the all-star group will provide us a hell of an evening! 

2013.11.29. Friday 21.00
Opus Jazz Club


  “Wolfgang - Child”
1st concert of Óbuda Danubia Orchestra's Mozart-season 


To play the works of Mozart is a daring venture on one hand and an obvious necessity on the other.  It is hard to demonstrate a manifold, unearthly and yet through and through worldly phenomenon on one concert; so on three different evenings from three different points of view the Óbuda Danubia Orchestra tries to paint subjective portraits of the “musician of angels”. The first concert, Wolfgang - Child, focuses not only on the earliest pieces, but flashes the often envied eternal infancy and humour of the adult Mozart as well.

2013.11.30. Saturday 19.00
BMC Concert Hall

1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8.