PANSODIA - and the University of Padua

As you all know the International Jazz Day is the day that brings together musicians, educators, students from all over the world to celebrate jazz music that in 2011 UNESCO declared "intangible heritage". Since then, every April 30, Jazz lovers and fans of this musical genre gather and organize events, jam sessions, workshops and concerts internationally to honour this music that brings together powerful values.

We firmly believe that Jazz is really about human experience. It’s about the incredible ability of human beings to overcome the worst of circumstances and struggles and turn it into something creative and constructive.

That's the reason why, for this 2020 edition, marked by the health emergency affecting our world, we created with the partnership of the University of Padua, the association I-Jazz, Jazz Area Metropolitana and Mibact, a new digital initiative called PANSODIA, adapted to the current situation.

PANSODIA is a full-length film created by assembling musical notes, images, movements captured and put in short videos produced between the domestic walls by all attendee (more than 120 musicians, artists, intellectuals, students …) who have joined this initiative.

We really intended to put together and move elsewhere an "open" message, during a time of social distancing for the whole humanity. PANSODIA is a "global ode" that arises from the global pandemic; a contemporary and extemporary jam session made of fragments, improvisation, flashbacks and projections. PANSODIA is our tribute to Jazz, a way for us to live together the present time, a certainly unprecedented and so far inconceivable time, as an unmissable opportunity and a call dedicated to the lost beloved ones.

PANSODIA a "work in progress" Jazz project by : Marina Santi (design), Alessandro Fedrigo (artistic director), Diego Scano and Matteo Calore (film editing), with the participation of many artists like Paolo Fresu, Jimmy Weinstein, Nicola Fazzini, Ada Montellanico, Fabio Giachino, Simone Graziano and many more.

The original collective work PANSODIA will be presented in streaming on the University of Padova YouTube channel on April 30, for 24h (from midnight till midnight).