One more JazzCamp for Girls in Katowice

JazzCamp for Girls will take place again in Katowice! Jazz workshops dedicated to students of first and second degrees music schools from Katowice and the surrounding area will start in the second week of the winter holidays (23-27.01.2023).

Excellent tutors, including Polish musicians living in Denmark, i.e. pianist Artur Tuźnik and vocalist Ania Rybacka, will introduce the participants to the art of improvisation and the basics of jazz composition. But most of all, they will try to infect them with the joy of making music together. On site they will be supported in their work with girls by guitarist and violinist Patryk Zakrocki and Aleksandra Rzepka - the residents of Katowice JazzArt Festival. Music classes will be complemented by mini concerts of tutors and psychological workshops, and the entire JazzCamp will end with a concert of the participants. JazzCamp for Girls shares the philosophy of Katowice JazzArt Festival, which is the first music festival in Poland to be a member of the Keychange initiative and promotes women's jazz music.

JazzCamp will be accompanied by two "Before Katowice JazzArt Festival" concerts featuring ensembles of Danish educators - Artur Tuznik's sextet and Ania Rybacka's duo with Stefan Pasborg.

Events are organised by: the Konsek Kultury Foundation, the Katowice City of Gardens Institution, the Kultur(a) Foundation, in cooperation with JazzDanmark.

Workshops and concerts are financed by the PZU Foundation, Nordisk Kultur Fond, Royal Danish Embassy, Ministry of Culture Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Katowice City of Gardens Institution.