The Occasional Trio Live In Berlin: New Live Album

I'm delighted to announce the new album by The Occasional Trio, featuring Simon Vincent (piano), Roland Fidezius (double bass) and Kay Lübke (drums) out now on Vision Of Sound Records.

Recorded over 2 separate concerts at the wonderful Schlot Jazz Club, The Occasional Trio Live In Berlin has already received praise from Jazz Journal, Wulf Müller, Longplay to name but a few. Here's what they say.

"Intense music with free spaces for improvisation, based on compositions by Vincent. The trio is tight and swings amazingly, treats ballads with lyrical interplay and giving the audience their emotions through music. Harmonic and melodic adventures worth checking out!"
Wulf Müller

"Exuberant and dynamic, intimate and lyrical, Vincent's beautiful, carefully prepared compositions are full of sophisticated melodies and endearing harmonies."

"It offers great variety, from fast, lively pieces to reserved, thoughtful ballads ... and the trio is able to shift style and mood suddenly between tracks. Considering that the album was recorded live, the dynamics and balance are great as each instrument ebbs and flows throughout. Fans of the traditional piano trio format will enjoy this release, as it mixes both the classic and the contemporary very well."
Jazz Journal

We enjoyed the concerts as much as our audiences did on the night, and they helped us create a wonderful atmosphere. We're sure you will enjoy this new, live, front-row experience of The Occasional Trio Live In Berlin.