presented by Reconstructing Song, Cologne Sessions & Sounds Wrong, Feels Right
19.00 - open end

Konzertsaal, Studio 672, Café
Free entrance!

The last edition of 'Night of Surprise' in October 2016 attracted more than 1200 visitors. During this year's fourth edition, the Stadtgarten wants to celebrate the music world's range and diversity, its niche-aesthetics and those artistic moments of surprise:

Travelling, breathing, travelling, breathing, travelling, breathing. During his solo performance 'Introduction', Afro-American dancer Reggie Wilson takes the audience on a spiritual journey to Milwaukee, New York City, Trinidad, Nigeria and Congo. The Bolivian-American producer, sound artist and trans femme Elysia Crampton interweaves stories and geography, genres and cultural meaning from indigenous sources and modern mass culture in her epic collages. Sote is a key figure in the Iranian electronics scene as well as co-founder of the influential SET festival, and apart from that he makes excitingly boisterous, futuristic and absolutely precise experimental techno music.
The riotous comic book stories by Viennese trio White Walls, contemporary modern jazz music with extraordinary urge and refreshing depth by Philipp Gropper's PHILM, the electro-acute contemplative explorations of the 'guerilla spatialization unit' Ganzfeld at the Stadtgarten parklands, Farai's Afro-diaspora post punk, the sublime virtuoso 21st century improvised music by the Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhuis duo, contemporary Arabian music by the blind Egyptian master of the Oud, archivists and pioneers Mustafa Said and the ultra modern 'Frontier Ambient' by Dedekind Cut.
Also: John Butcher / Thomas Lehn / Matthew Shipp (London / Vienna / New York City), UMMN (Cologne), Going (Brussels), (Lorient), Rabih Beaini (Beirut / Berlin), DJ-Team ER & WE and the Cologne Sessions Residents Aroma Pitch & MK Braun