New Project made for women in jazz music:

New Project made for women in jazz music:

"Discrimination, exclusion, barriers to entry: Gender still plays an important role in women's career opportunities. This is also and still true for the jazz scene in Germany. This is evidenced by the publication "Gender.Macht.Musik. Gender Justice in Jazz" impressively!"
German Jazz Union

"Gender justice in the cultural sector sets standards for how we want to live together in society. The study shows that there is also a clear need to catch up here in the jazz sector. Wherever equal opportunities are still dreams of the future these days, we need to take a close look to understand what the reasons are and how we can counteract them. "
Minister of State for Culture and Media Prof. Monika Grütters

As the above studies show, it is necessary to create the best possible conditions for the development and professional cooperation of the female part of jazz musicians.

An important point is the possibility to get in touch with this professional group, both by the interested women themselves among themselves and by organizations, festivals and concert organizers. In order to be able to get in contact with each other, a database/portal is needed, in which the interested persons can enter information about themselves and contact possibilities.

For this purpose was founded.
The portal is the brainchild and initiative of world-renowned saxophonist and composer Nicole Johänntgen. Nicole contacted Jack Brun and together they developed the media concept and designed the look and feel of the portal. The main goals are clarity of message, ease of use and quick access to needed information.

Every musician who wants to be found on the portal has to follow two steps: register as a user and then enter her professional data. After these steps, her profile is active and can be found by anyone. Of course, as a registered user of the portal, she can change or delete her data at any time. 

Thanks to its user-friendliness, a quick and easy search has been created: you can select a country or a city and sort the results by instruments or specialties. In this way, concert organizers, festivals or other interested parties can easily find partners for projects or other business collaborations.

Nicole Johänntgen also came up with the idea of creating a list of organizations that work to promote women in music, especially jazz music. In this way, a clear and transparent list is created that anyone can use. Any such organization can submit their data for publication on the portal using the appropriate form (no registration required). The data will be published only after the information has been checked and verified by the portal operators.

The portal is managed by Nicole Johänntgen and Jacek Brun. Programming, design and maintenance are in the hands of Jacek Brun, the creator and owner of the online jazz magazine and the initiator and co-founder of JazzDayGermany e.V.

Nicole Johänntgen is a saxophonist and composer. She has established herself internationally as an energetic soloist and is booked for festivals worldwide. In 2013, Johänntgen founded the pioneering project SOFIA - Support Of Female Improvising Artists, which aims to help female improvising musicians establish themselves internationally in today's complex music business. She is committed to supporting young talent and in 2015 founded the Kids Jazz Club, which offers children an easy introduction to the world of improvisation. Nicole Johänntgen has received several awards and has lived in Switzerland since 2005.