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Pianist Michel Reis announces new album and world tour!

Improviser, composer, and arranger, the Luxembourgish pianist Michel Reis shares his passion for music all over the world. Having performed in Europe, the United States, Central America, Russia and Japan, he is proud and humbled to be developing an international reputation as an artist who expresses himself at the piano with an honest and authentic intention that cannot go unnoticed.

Exactly two years after the release of "Hidden Meaning" the Michel Reis Quartet has a brand new album: “Capturing this moment”. The album, to be released in March on the German label Double Moon Records, follows a central theme, which is pivotal for Michel; compositions with romantic, almost melancholic melodies permeate the album, which has been created as a "total art work".

Michel Reis w/ Stefan Karl Schmid

6th of February - AuditoriumComunale, Settimo Milanese (Italy)

Michel Reis Quartet

7th of February - Pinocchio Jazz, Florence (Italy)
10th of March - Cornelia Street Cafe, New York (USA)
18th of March - Sunside, Paris (France)
19th of March - Jazz Club, Leipzig (Germany)
20th of March - Jazz Tonne, Dresden (Germany)
19th of April - Kichijoji Jazz Fest, Tokyo (Japan)
22nd of April, Kamome, Yokohama (Japan)
23rd of April, Body and Soul, Tokyo (Japan)
24th of April, Lifetime, Shizuoka (Japan)
9th of October - Jarassum Jazz Festival, Gapyeong  (Korea)
17th of October - Birdland Jazz Club Neuburg, (Germany)

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KhaliféSchumacherTristano – First album and tour dates for the exciting new trio!

A few key words are in order: presence, humor, clarity. Desire, curiosity, and communication would also be appropriate. And, naturally, a pinch of vanity – artists need a taste, otherwise they wouldn’t have such a need to be heard. In addition, add variety, contrast, some friction, spontaneity, and immediacy for good measure. Now we have a description of the music of the Lebanese percussionist Bachar Khalifé, the Luxembourgish vibraphonist Pascal Schumacher, and the also Luxembourgish pianist Francesco Tristano. 

It is so multifaceted that it can be interpreted differently, depending on who is listening. Those who are used to listening to classical music will detect the appropriate gravity; among his many musical talents, Francesco Tristano is known for his Bach interpretations. Jazz fans will be gratified by the improvisations; Pascal Schumacher is a master in dealing with freely-explored musical spaces. And then there is Bachar Khalifé; with his roots in the Arabic musical culture as well as the French scene’s rhythmically colorful sound world, he stands for the acoustic moments that mirror faraway places. (Original text by Ralf Dombrowski)

To present their beautiful album «Afrodiziak», released on MPS/EDEL on the 31st of January, KhaliféSchumacherTristano have announced a few of the many dates to come:

11th of Febryary - Konzerthaus, Vienna (Austria)
12th of March - Izmir Jazz Festival, Izmir (Turkey)
29th of May - Gretchen, Berlin (Germany)
30th of May - ElbJazzHamburg (Germany)
21th of June - Klangart Festival, Wuppertal – (Germany)
5th of September – National Forum of Music, Wroclaw (Poland)
4th of October - Münsterland Festival, Münster (Germany)  
TBC December - Tokyo (Japan)

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