Mini Festival of Slovenian Jazz Music A Touch of Spring

24 feb - Cankarjev dom, CD Club - Slovenia

Mini Festival of Slovenian Jazz Music A Touch of Spring


The new festival offers a platform for expression and promotion of younger generations of Slovenian jazz musicians by presenting new projects and albums within the local and international contexts.

Samo Šalamon Slo Bassless Trio

Samo Šalamon, guitar, effects; Igor Matkovič, trumpet, effects; Bojan Krhlanko, drums, effects Blending composed and improvised music, Samo Šalamon Slo Bassless Trio will play Šalamon’s new and old compositions written for a bassless line-up. Samo’s assemblage, in this edition comprising first-rate Slovenian musicians, has included world-renowned jazz luminaries, such as Tim Berne, Paul McCandless, Dominique Pifarely, Tom Rainey, Achille Succi, Zlatko Kaučič and others.


Cene Resnik, saxophone; Tomaž Grom, bass; Vid Drašler, drums Composed of artists enjoying enviable reputation on the Slovenian jazz and impro scene, the Trojnik trio achieves fascinating collective expression in recorded music as well as countless appearances at festivals or intimate concert venues.


Boštjan Simon, tenor saxophone; Stephan Meidell, guitar, bass, electronica; Luis Candeias, drums Comprising gifted international artists, Velkro’s eclectic music is presented in a new symbiotic project, “Don't Wait for the Revolution”. The elements of rock and electronica blend seamlessly with the flow of creative jazz and free improvisation. Ambient music merges with repetitive riffs, abstract textural passages and loose solos. Their common point of reference is a fusion of incompatible and contradictory ingredients, whereby the final outcome can be rhythmic, noisy, poetic or dreamy.