Medimex 2018 for music professionals

Panel discussions, workshops, networking activities, advanced musicarium with music industry professionals from all over the world

Medimex 2018 call operators are available to present and promote your business to Italian and international professionals

Medimex 2018, International Festival & Music Conference promoted by Puglia Sounds will be held in Taranto from Thursday June 7 to Sunday June 10, 2018 and will present a wide range of professional activities with experts from the world music market - an opportunity for artists and music operators to meet directors of festivals, managers of agencies, record labels and international stakeholders. A full calendar of panel discussions, workshops and keynote speeches created in collaboration with Rockol Biz Events will offer music professionals specific focuses and opportunities for discussion of important issues in the music business: from the labels of the future to collecting, from revenue models to live music. As usual, the professional programme also includes numerous Face to Face(s) - networking activities and the opportunity to meet operators of World, Jazz, Indie/Pop/Rock scenes from all over the world. All the events are scheduled on Friday June 8 and Saturday June 9 at the Officers' Club (Circolo degli ufficiali) of Taranto – participation in the professional activities is free, but registration is required on the website

The two days of professional meetings will open on Friday June 8 with the workshop Playlisting: the how and why of the new "product" available on streaming platforms (10:30-11:30 am) with Paola Catò (Digital Sales & Partner Development Sony Music Italy) followed by the Know your rights panel discussion. Know your rights and learn how collecting in Italy works and is changing (11:30-12:30 am) moderated by Davide Poliani (Rockol) and featuring Andrea Micciché (Nuovo Imaie), Fernando Mantovani (Itsright), Matteo Fedeli (Siae), Claudio Buja (Universal Music Publishing), Marco Ornago (SCF). Closing event of the morning is the Streaming workshop (12-1 pm) with Chiara Santoro (YouTube Music Content Partnerships Manager). On Friday afternoon June 8, the programme starts with a workshop entitled Collecting, SIAE masterclass (5-6 pm) conducted by Matteo Fedeli (director of the Siae music section) and the panel discussion The label of the future (3-4:30 pm), in which Giampiero Di Carlo (Ceo Rockol) will moderate talks by experts in the recording industry such as Dino Stewart (BMG), Dario Giovannini (Carosello Records), Lino Prencipe (Sony Music), Claudio Ferrante (ArtistFirst) and Emilio Colasanti (42 Records). Then comes the Music & Social Media workshop (5-6 pm) organised by Gabriele Aprile (Rockol) with Carlo Alberto Biasioli (Social Media Manager). On Saturday morning June 9, there will be workshops entitled Live Music: networking between festival and venues (10:30-11:30 am) with Federico Rasetti (director of Keepon), Sync (first session, 10:30-11:45 am) organised by Dan Koplowitz (Friendly Fire Licensing), The Artist-Entrepreneur (12-1 pm) with Francesco Del Maro (Music Experience) and The future is not how it used to be (12-1 pm) organised by Italy MMF with Scott Cohen (founder of Orchard) and the keynote speech Creative process and making music (12:30-1 pm) with Tommaso Colliva. In the afternoon, there will be two workshops entitled The economy of music between streaming, copyright and new revenue models (3-4 pm) led by Enzo Mazza (Ceo Fimi) and The international sync (second session, 4:30-5:45 pm) organised by Dan Koplowit (Friendly Fire Licensing). 

The Face to Face(s) section is also full of events, and on Friday June 8 (11 am-1 pm) will be dedicated to the indie, pop and rock scene, while Saturday June 9 (11 am-1 pm) the spotlights will shine on the jazz and world music scene. Guests already confirmed for the indie/pop/rock section include Stephen Budd (Stephen Budd Music Ltd, OneFest Festival and NH7 Weekender festivals), Raimond Poona (Tallin Music Week), Mike Malak (Coda Agency), Chris Smyth (Primary Talent International), Lucia Wade (International Talent Booking), Stefan Julin (Pitch and Smith) and Clotaire Buche (Junzi Arts). In the world music section, Oliver Belopeta (OFFest in Skopie), Jarmila Vlckova (World Music Festival Bratislava-Shiraz) and Bogdan Benigar (Druga Godba Festival) are expected, as is the Board of Europe Jazz Network.

A new event this year is the Advanced Musicarium dedicated to professionals, featuring advanced lessons held by highly respected international personalities: Sound engineering and design with Marc Urselli, Digital communication with Marc Plotkin and record production with Tommaso Colliva.

Lastly, Call for Operators Medimex 2018 is available on the website. It will help professionals, music companies and artists to promote their business over the 4 days. To this end, time slots can be reserved for presenting projects, initiatives, festivals and musical productions to all the Italian and international guests in attendance.

Medimex is a Puglia Sounds project. Puglia Sounds is the Puglia Region's programme for the development of the regional music system implemented by the Puglia Public Theatre in the context of the Development and Cohesion Fund 2014-2020 - Pact for Puglia Intervention Area IV "Tourism, culture and enhancement of natural resources".