MEDIMEX 2017 special edition

8 > 11 June 2017 Bari, Iggy Pop and Solange confirmed for their only Italian dates.

Networking, internationalization, professional meetings, training, more and more live music, MEDIMEX 2017 (6th edition) becomes MEDIMEX International Festival & Music Conference special edition: new dates, new format, different locations.

From the 8th to the 11th of June 2017, four days of open air concerts and professional activities spread across the heart of the town: Medimex moves from the exhibition hall area and invades the city centre of Bari.

Four days of exciting music events and meetings, gathering Italian and international music business professionals and stakeholders to debate new opportunities in the national and international marketplace, share new ideas in a more and more technological environment, create and strengthen networks and promote live music.

Medimex 2017 will open on the 8th of June with the vernissage at Castello Svevo of the exhibition "David Bowie & Masayoshi Sukita: Heroes - 40th Anniversary", which presents for the first time in Italy, the photographs taken in 1977 during the visit of David Bowie and Iggy Pop to Japan by Maestro Masayoshi Sukita, who will be present in Bari.

The opening will be followed by three nights of live music varying from Rock to Jazz to Hip Hop, to Electronics and Soul, on open air stages facing the sea.

Special guest at Medimex 2017 will be Iggy Pop for his only Italian date - in the year we celebrate the fortieth anniversary of his masterpieces Lust for Life and The Idiot

Also selected Apulian original music productions will debut on the Medimex 2017 stages.

The grand finale of the live concerts will be on Sunday, June 11 in the prestigious Teatro Petruzzelli, featuring Solange, the undisputed queen of the new R & B scene. This will be her only date in Italy. 

In addition to our usual professional activities, MEDIMEX will introduce two more innovations aimed at young artists and operators: the Songwriting Camp Medimex 2017, where young musicians will have the opportunity to work in close contact with well-known authors and producers; Puglia Sounds Musicarium, a school of music professions with authoritative teachers who will hold classes directed at younger people.

The Vinyl and Independent Label Market will be set for the first time in the old city, by PopUp the Sunday in collaboration with Independent Label Market, the London brand gathering over than 300 most important independent labels in the world: presentations, DJ sets and many other activities.

The whole program of Medimex will be on line in a few days: 

Puglia Sounds is the Puglia Region's program for the development of the whole music sector, implemented by the Puglia Public Theater in the context of the Development and Cohesion Fund 2014-2020 - Pact for Puglia Intervention Area IV "Tourism, culture and enhancement of natural resources".