L'Orchestre de Contrebasses - tour September 22 - October 01, 2017

L'Orchestre de Contrebasses
L'Orchestre de Contrebasses groups six virtuosi, both composers and performers. These musicians blend sound and sight: a revolutionary repertoire in which music discovers new horizons, where the double-bass, pushed to its extreme limits, becomes sensual, seductive, and magical, where we find ourselves willing captives of a spontaneous musical flight into a dream world.
The notes become delirious
The strings exciting
The bows dangerous
The phrases interesting, the looks curious…
The music ventures into time
On board, the eyes sparkle with joy.

Line Up: Sextet
Travel Party: 8
The band travels with their own bus!

Concert Video Paris, 2011 (full concert!):

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On Tour:
September 22 - October 01, 2017 (Europe)

(The band travels with their own bus!)

L'Orchestre de Contrebasses"The formation of six double basses symbolises a most original and promising approach to modern musical creativity."

A NEW TYPE OF CONTEMPORARY MUSIC - Between institutional approaches to contemporary music and jazz, these musicians and composers have chosen to create a very personal type of music: these prize-winning virtuosi have launched themselves into a new musical dimension created in the image of their multiple inspirations, ranging from soul music and jazz to the latino spirit. Bowing techniques are rendered even more dynamic, jostled by the rhythms, haunted by the melodies and liberated in their improvisations. The absence of routines, the mastery of the vibrato and the use of the resonant wealth of the instrument confer an original identity on the group.

BEYOND JAZZ - Like jazz, this free-style music owes a lot to improvisation. Is it not the mark of contemporary music to evolve in a different direction at each performance? If in their precedent CD, Le mystère des bois vulgaires is an overt homage to jazz, this new recording reveals unedited modes of playing the double bass. The musicians take risks, and astound the audience with their range of resonance.

L'Orchestre de Contrebasses"This vibrant music has received international acclaim due to the surprising combination of sound and lighting effects."

MUSIC IN MOVEMENT - The search for a new and seductive attitude towards music incites the musicians to present their compositions within the context of a show, where the theatrical lighting accentuates their poetry, where the movements of men and instruments form a genuine ballet and embody the music itself.

AN ORCHESTRA - From rock and roll bands to classical quartets, the notion of a shared identity, beginning with a musical coherency and extending to the rhythmic structure, is essential to the elaboration of a refined music repertoire, in which the group's maturity expresses itself through difficult homorhythms, proof in itself of a collective musical concept.