Last night on Nattjazz 2012: TIMBUKTU & DAMN! (S)

Scandinavia´s premier bringer of joy, Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité has, through the years, delivered chart-topping hits in both Norway and Sweden. Timbuktu was an early pioneer of combining the energy of live bands with his singular style of rapping, and since his breakthrough “The båtten is nådd” in 2003, he has perfected this to the fingertips. His big band, funk-rockers Damn! will naturally join him on stage. Damn! consists of some of Sweden´s premier musicians and DJs. Together on stage, they will deliver a solid backyard party in Vågsbunnen. Timbuktu & Damn! will also have the pleasure of wrapping up this year´s Nattjazz, saturday 2nd of june. 


FOTO: Ulf Berglund