John Zorn at Molde International Jazz Festival 2022

We are so pleased to plan for a full scale festival again, the 62nd in continous order from the beginning in 1961.

120 events at nine different venues throughout our small city within 6 days of festival. Norwegian artists, international artists, world music artists, local artists, young artists, outdoor concerts, club concerts, church concerts, free concerts, concerts for children, parades and you name it.

It’s with honor we present John Zorn as our Artist in Residence this year:

MEDITATIONS ON THE TAROT | Brian Marsella - piano, Trevor Dunn - bass, Kenny Wollesen - drums
TERESA DE AVILA | Bill Frisell, Julian Lage, Gyan Riley - guitars

MERZSAX for Kurt Schwitters | John Zorn - sax, game calls
NEW MASADA QUARTET | John Zorn - sax, Julian Lage - guitar, Jorge Roeder - bass, Kenny Wollesen - drums

JULY 20th
B A G A T E L L E S   M A R A T H O N part 1 
MASADA | John Zorn - sax, Dave Douglas - trumpet, Greg Cohen - bass, Joey Baron - drums
BRIAN MARSELLA SOLO | Brian Marsella - piano
MARY HALVORSON QUARTET | Mary Halvorson - guitar, Miles Okazaki - guitar, Drew Gress - bass, Tomas Fujiwara - drums
BEN GOLDBERG QUARTET | Ben Goldberg - clarinet, Craig Taborn - piano, Jorge Roeder - bass, Thomas Morgan - bass
TRIGGER | Will Greene - guitar, Simon Hanes - bass, Aaron Edgcomb - drums
PETER EVANS SOLO | Peter Evans - trumpet
JOHN MEDESKI TRIO | John Medeski - organ, Dave Fiuczynski - guitar, Calvin Weston - drums

B A G A T E L L E S    M A R A T H O N   part 2 
NOVA QUARTET | John Medeski - piano, Kenny Wollesen - vibes, Trevor Dunn - bass, Joey Baron - drums  
GYAN RILEY AND JULIAN LAGE | Gyan Riley - guitar, Julian Lage - guitar
BRIAN MARSELLA TRIO | Brian Marsella - piano, Trevor Dunn - bass, Kenny Wollesen - drums
IKUE MORI | Ikue Mori - electronics
KRIS DAVIS | Kris Davis - piano, Mary Halvorson - guitar, Drew Gress - bass, Kenny Wollesen - drums
ASMODEUS | Marc Ribot - guitar, Trevor Dunn - bass, Kenny Grohowski - drums

THE HERMETIC ORGAN | John Zorn, organ 
SIMULACRUM | John Medeski - organ, Matt Hollenberg - guitar, Kenny Grohowski – drums

Festival line up 2022