John Law Trio Sun 17 February

A piano graduate of the Royal Accademy of Music, John turned to the jazz scene in 1986 with his first group 'Atlas'. He is increasingly in demand both in the UK and Europe, having scored particular success in recent years with his 'Art of Sound Trio' featuring Asaf Sirkis (drums) and Sam Burgess (bass). 2012 has seen the release of his very well received album 'This Is' with rising star Mark Pringle. A prolific performer, John has also launched a totally new project: 'Three Ways Trio' with Yuri Goloubev and Julian Arguelles (soprano/tenor saxophones). He conceived this as a bridge between classical and jazz music, arranging several classical pieces as well as writing several original new works for the trio. Tonight John is supported by Yuri Goloubev (bass) and Asaf Sirkis (drums).

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Artists: John Law (piano), Yuri Goloubev (bass) and Asaf Sirkis (drums)