Jazzdor season concerts in January 2019

• Théo Ceccaldi Trio ”Django”

Friday 11th January 2019 at 8.30 pm at the Centre socio-culturel du Fossé des Treize, Strasbourg

With Théo Ceccaldi, violin | Valentin Ceccaldi, cello | Guillaume Aknine, guitar

The return of one of the largest string trios to have appeared in recent years. Fantastic, virtuoso, lyrical, funny and moving. Behind each of the master's themes appears a new idea, carved like velvet, prepared as if for the big day and punctuated by incandescent ardour. Each string is meticulously cared for with a goldsmith's care to make the myth shine through its many facets... and not to scratch it! To zebra would be sacrilegious!


•Borderlands trio

Friday 25th January 2019 at 8.30 pm at the Centre socio-culturel du Fossé des Treize, Strasbourg

With Kris Davis, piano / Stephan Crump, double bass / Eric McPherson, drums

This trio plays collectively . Three branches of the same starfish – starfish in English -asteroida in Latin: star, which looks like a star – which gives its title to the album released in 2017 on the label Intakt. From the Latin name we will remember the multiple meaning because asteroida evokes as well the sea as the cosmos, gravity, magnetism, constellations, nature but also appearance. Percussive, telluric, the musicians of « Borderlands » upset the roles defined classically to each. They’re inventing the art of the trio in the 21st century !


• Gregory Ott and friends "Tribute to Petrucciani"

Thursday 31st January 2019 At 8:30 pm, Le diapason - pôle culturel de Vendeheim

With Grégory Ott, piano / Gautier Laurent, double bass / Matthieu Zirn, drums / Franck Wolf, saxophone / Railo Helmstetter, guitar / Guy Broglé, percussion

This evening aims to revive Michel Petrucciani’s formidable creative diversity by revisiting some of his compositions. Heir to swing, bop, classical, French chanson but also jazz influenced by Latin music, the native of Orange had no borders. His only watchword: melody. Virtuosity, incisive phrasing and lyricism characterize his work. Around Gregory Ott’s trio, the expressiveness and virtuosity of Franck Wolf, Jim Grandcamp and Guy Broglé will be invited.?A humble and sincere tribute.

Photo: Borderlands (c) DR