JazzDayGermany celebrates the International Jazz Day 2021 and presents 50 more artists.

Together with musicians from Germany, German-speaking countries, many others from Europe and all over the world, we want to show how diverse, creative, inspiring and entrancing jazz music can be. So we celebrate the day that is "our'" day: International Jazz Day together with the whole world.

In these times of Covid-19 isolation, it is more important than ever to show in virtual space how vibrant, transcending borders, real, experiential and wonderful our culture, music and society is. We are jazz!

Here we inform you with touching documentaries about musicians and bands that inspire us and accompany us with their music. Musicians who were just about to play at festivals and concerts that we were so looking forward to. All concerts canceled, and herewith we want to share with the whole world the musical range and our enthusiasm for the artists we have chosen this year.

All 50 artists can be seen on our website https://www.jazzdaygermany.de/