JazzCamp for Girls in 10 cities in Denmark in June

After more than a year of restrictions and lockdowns, it is with tremendous pleasure and excitement that JazzDanmark can finally welcome this year’s JazzCamp for Girls in 10 different cities around Denmark, taking place in the final week of June.

During the four days of JazzCamp for Girls, the camp will focus on teamwork, unity, and togetherness in a safe girl environment, where the participants will play in jam sessions and learn about impro and composition. It is not a prerequisite that the girls have prior knowledge of playing an instrument – the most important driving force is their curiosity towards music.

Jazz Camp for Girls addresses the gender imbalance in jazz. The purpose of Jazz Camp for Girls is to help advance a more equal gender balance within the music industry, by increasing the number of female instrumentalists and composers on the music stage.

JazzCamp for Girls has also received much international attention and has been the inspiration for Jazz North, which in 2019, presented Jazz Camp for Girls in the UK, inspired by the original project of JazzDanmark.

Read more about JazzCamp for Girls at www.danishjazz.com/jazz-camp-for-girls