#jazz4italy - Italian jazz for the reconstruction after the earthquake



After the terrible events of the earthquake that in the night of 24 August hit heavily the center of Italy, the event "Italian Jazz for l'Aquila" has been adapted to become "Italian Jazz for Amatrice and the other areas hit by the earthquake". An act of solidarity towards the area that has became the symbol of this tragic events.

Sunday 4 September there will be hundreds of concerts distributed all over Italy. In fact the majority of the 20 stages that were supposed to be in l'Aquila will take place in other Italian cities. In Rome for example the programme will go on from the morning until the evening in the Casa del Jazz. Overall it will be a musical marathon that will end with a big evening concert in l'Aquila in front of the Basilica di Collemaggio, starting from 21.00h.

The municipality of l'Aquila, MiBACT (the Italian Ministry for Culture), I-Jazz (the Italian association of jazz festivals), MIDJ (the Italian association of jazz musicians) and Casa del jazz, after the decision to cancel the big event that was foreseen in l'Aquila for the weekend, because of issues of security and logistics, have listened to the citizens of l'Aquila, that have asked strongly on social media and in other forms that the event was not totally canceled.

"There will be music events all over Italy - confirms the organisers - so we can bring our solidarity and contribute to the reconstruction of the areas hit by the earthquake." A crowdfunding campaign will be activated in order for people to contribute through sms and the sum gathered will be used to reconstruct and reopen the city theater "Giuseppe Garibaldi" in Amatrice, the center for culture in one of the towns that has been totally damaged by the earthquake.

#jazz4italy is the official hashtag of the day that should be followed on Sunday 4 September to check what is happening all around Italy!

Click here to check the full programme of the event.

You can find all the information here: www.italiajazz.it