Jazz from Luxembourg: the finest releases

Pascal Schumacher: two singles from upcoming album LUNA out
Vibraphonist and composer Pascal Schumacher is about to release LUNA (Neue Meister). Prior to the complete release of this promising album, you can have a chance to listen to Rythmicon, a tribute to the sounds of theremins, also inspired by Steve Reich’ Music for 18 musicians. Second single Nostalgia, the only solo-vibraphone track of the album, draws on Schumacher’s fascination for acoustics.
You can listen to the tracks here:
Stay in touch for the other singles to come!

Michel Meis 4tet: Kaboom Video out on January 26th
White, a massive fighting cat with fuzzy fur, suffers from PTSD and is vying for his master's affection in his most important title fight. When he faces defeat and his trauma is triggered, he must confront his past and battle his inner demons.

This is the plot surrounding Michel Meis 4tet’s video to accompany the release of their album Kaboom, featuring French violinist Theo Ceccaldi. Click here to watch it!